Ghana’s rising housing deficit: meQasa to the rescue


When looking for property to rent, buy or sell in Accra, one of the major issues you are sure to encounter is accessing a credible source.

It helps to know a trustworthy source to find available real estate and to have a fair idea of the costs involved in different parts of the city.

One such company with empirical data and a deep understanding of Ghana’s housing industry is meQasa. By sharing data that has been collated over the years based on transactions on its online platform, aims to help put things in perspective for investors, home seekers, decision-makers and all stakeholders.

With an estimated housing deficit ranging between 1.7 and 2 million units, it is important for policymakers and all stakeholders to freely access data that gives an overview of the state of housing in the country.

For example, the issue of cost and its bearing on affordability can serve as a great resource in addressing Ghana’s housing deficit. These costs are influenced by several factors including location, size, amenities and proximity to facilities such as malls and hospitals among others.

Ghana’s housing sector is highly unregulated and, thus, homeowners and landlords operate within no established framework and set prices as they deem fit, contributing to the widening housing deficit in the country.

Here’s a useful infographic that gives an overview of the housing sector in the Greater Accra region based on online property search behaviors in 2017

From the 1st to 3rd of June 2018, meQasa is taking a step further in addressing Ghana’s housing deficit with their 2nd Real Estate Expo that is intended to create an avenue for property owners and managers, investors, landlords, tenants and other industry stakeholders to benefit from a wide range of information provided by Ghana’s top real estate experts.

The three-day event will include insightful and instructive seminars on a number of topics relating to property investments, mortgages, land litigation and home security.

meQasa hopes to solve some of Ghana’s real estate problems through this event, by providing a one-stop shop for all stakeholders and prospective homeowners to access relevant information as far as the housing sector is involved. The company believes with such significant industry info, people will be better placed in making decisions when thinking of accommodation.

MeQasa has elevated the real estate industry in Ghana by providing a free service that helps brokers, landlords and other real estate industry professionals to conduct business efficiently online, while simplifying the search experience for prospective tenants and buyers.

The meQasa property expo is free to the public and will be happening at the Aviation Social Center from 9:00am to 5:00pm each day.

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