Never again, genocide is a crime against humanity


The Rwanda community in Ghana marks 24th commemoration of 1994 genocide against the Tutsi over the weekend to symbolise hope for a brighter and better future.

The commemoration was themed; “Remember-Unite-Renew” and was hash tagged #Kwibuka24.

      Rwandan students based in Ghana, with a presentation

The commemorative event was mobilised in honour of the over one million lives lost during the one-hundred-day period of genocide in 1994, to promise never again to such a crime against humanity in general and as a symbol of hope for a brighter and better future for the people of Rwanda.

Gatete Benandin, the chairman of Rwanda community in Ghana, delivering his address said, “#Kwibuka24 affords an opportunity for reiterating a vivid appeal to the international community concerning suspected genocide perpetrators still at large in different countries around the world, which have shown little or no preoccupation in bringing them to justice or extradition to Rwanda to be tried.”

He added that whiles tributes are paid to the lives lost to genocide, the opportunity is also used to celebrate the gallant warriors who fought at their peril to stop such a planned, organised and executed activity of a government, taking over one million, seven hundred and forty-five thousand lives 1994.

Professor Clement Dzidonu, of the Honorary Consul of Rwanda to Ghana, explaining the theme of the commemoration which is; “Remember-Unite-Renew” said that in the life of every nation, there are certain things they may like to forget and move on, others that they can’t forget in their life time. “the genocide against the Tutsi is one history the Rwandans cannot forget and that signifies the remember in the theme.

However, as they remember, it must be done in ‘unity’ and Rwanda has united to build again today and can be referred to as the ‘Shining Star of Africa’.

Renewal is key in development of people, resources, systems and the nation at large. The capital Kigali regarded as the neatest city in Africa, is so because the people have renewed their mind-set and are building in Unity.”

Also in attendance were representatives of government of Ghana, UN’s representative in Ghana(UNDP), members of diplomatic corps and the civil society.

Dr Vladimir Antwi Danso of the Ghana Armed Forces Academy, charged the Rwandans to continue building together from grassroots to the top and hold on to the promise never again because the consequences of genocide cannot be handled again if it should reoccur.

“I am happy they are saying never again, any history that is not remembered creates a vacuum and leaves the younger generation at pare. There is the need for the younger generation to know that the whole humanity suffered not only Rwanda and they must hold

that promise never again consciously remembering, uniting and renewing their minds.”

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