2nd Image holds 18th graduation ceremony


Over two hundred (200) students graduated in Cosmetology, Hairdressing and Fashion designing at the 18th graduation ceremony of the 2nd Image International Skills College.

The event, which coincided with the 32nd anniversary of the school, was on the theme; “Knowledge Driven, A new Twist on Vocational Education.”

Speaking at the graduation, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the College, Nikki Boa-Amponsem, noted that the theme is very timely because the college has moved to “another level” where the existing master class also have to go through training.

She said: “We are upgrading the master class persons and then the apprentices should also attend school. The master class persons now come to the school twice a week and then go back to the workshop. It’s a dual system now where you don’t have to be an apprentice in the shop forever. Now you have to move to the school to get your theory and other things done and then you go and practice in the workshop.

At first, what they do is that, the master trains the apprentice, even if they are not very well educated and it degrades the training. But now it means you have to actually go through assessment in the school and then continue in the workplace. This implies that acquiring the knowledge aspect of it has become very important.”

Touching on challenges facing the college, Nikki noted that the challenges usually arise when the dollar rate is high because most of the kits and practical materials used are imported.

According to her, in spite of the numerous challenges facing technical and vocational training, her outfit believed that developing the skills of human resources of a nation was very essential.

She said when the youth venture into technical and vocational training they would become economically independent and curb the unemployment rate in the country.

Representing the Gender Minister, Senior Programmes Officer of the Ministry, Matilda Banfo said: “We regard 2nd Image International Skills College as a partner because what it seeks to do fits into our mandate. I am therefore very pleased to be associated with this program which will ultimately address some of the challenges we face as a country.”

She added that empowering the youth with skills make them economically independent and increases their potential to make independent decisions concerning their lives.

The college has engaged in some social responsibilities including donating incubators, food items and stationeries to various children homes.

The CEO revealed that 2nd Image has Competency Based Training mode of training in all its modules to achieve competency and employable skills. According to her, the various programmes done by the school have been structured uniquely in such a way that “they enable the students to gain employment or start-up income-generating projects immediately after completion.”

She also advised parents and guardians not to discourage their wards when they opt for vocational and technical training.

The education centre which started as a beauty and slimming salon in the living room of the CEO, has trained over four thousand students worldwide with three branches in Accra, Kumasi and Denu. The institute now operates as a full-fledged beauty clinic providing quality education and services.

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