Indomie Fest slated for Easter Monday for revelers in Accra


Come Easter Monday, Accra is all set to witness a never-seen-before noodle festival dubbed Indomie Fest, where you will get an opportunity to taste Indomie from the best joints in town, each serving a signature ‘Love It Your Way’ Indomie meal. Besides a range of innovative Indomie recipes at the food stalls, stand-up comedian Funny Face’s will keep the children glued through the day and dancehall star Shatta Wale will take the stage in the evening to keep the youth on their toes. So, gear up as Accra is ready to ring in Easter with a first-of-its-kind Indomie Fest, a one-day festival for children, families and youth at Efua Sutherland Children’s Park on April 2, from morning into the night.

Organised by ARK Event Services Ghana and sponsored by Multipro Pvt Ltd (Indomie brand distributor), the idea behind Indomie Fest is to provide children, families and youth a complete merry-making package under one roof to celebrate the joyous occasion.

The two-part event will come at a fee to the patrons. The morning session is open to all (children, families and youth) while the evening is a live music concert for people above 16 years.

During the day, kids and families will be engaged in Indomie eating competition, face-painting, video games, treasure hunt, fortune wheel, races, bouncy castles, snooker, paint-ball, trampoline, dance competition, water slides, zor ball and many more. The evening session, will climax the festivities with the ARK Band followed by dancehall star Shatta Wale.

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