Aba N Thursday unveils ‘Happy Effect’ collection


“More than simply positive mood, happiness is a state of well-being that encompasses living a good life – that is, with a sense of meaning and deep satisfaction. Research shows that happiness is not the result of bouncing from one joy to the next; achieving happiness typically involves times of considerable discomfort”.

That was how Christabel Osei Aku, a budding Ghanaian designer and proud owner of Aba N Thursday, a wholly owned Ghanaian fashion brand described happiness whilst announcing the brand’s latest ‘Happy Effect’ collection.

The collection is expected to be launched in Ghana in March 2018 to coincide with the Wear Ghana month and also in the United Kingdom in July 2018.

Commenting on the motivation for the collection, the founder said: “most of us probably don’t believe we need a formal definition of happiness; we know it when we feel it, and we often use the term to describe a range of positive emotions, including joy, pride, contentment, and gratitude.

That was the state I found myself in when I conceived the idea for this collection and the various pieces when I started discussing it with my team. The ecstatic mood I found myself in had a huge impact and that explains the name of the collection.”

After the successful launch of the ‘Afrocentric Fashion Chronicles’ in London last year, the company is planning key activations across Europe for the ‘Happy Effect’ collection after it is launched in London in July 2018.

As a brand committed to showcasing the rich culture of Africa to the rest of the world through African textiles, Ms. Aku indicated that Aba N Thursday is exploring the possibility of working will all stakeholders in order to achieve this aim.

She further added that “we have a range of amazing products of very high quality and they are very affordable, classy and trendy. You cannot go wrong with us when it comes to finishing, style and unique fabric.”

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