Komla Dumor Foundation holds 4th anniversary


The Komla Dumor Foundation, a foundation that was set up in memory of Ghana’s ace broadcaster, Komla Dumor, has held its fourth anniversary panel discussion in Accra.

The Theme for the anniversary celebration was: “Investigative Journalism, Governance and the fight Against Corruption in Ghana.

In his opening address, Dr. Korshie Dumor described Komla as a true Pan Africanist and a democrat who believed deeply in the critical role that the Journalist played in the democratic dispensation that was sweeping across the African Continent as he came of age.

He advised journalists not to grow weary in their profession especially in a dispensation where social media news seem to overtake the role of journalists.

According to him: “It must be a very interesting time to be a Journalist. Changes in how consumers get their news. With all of the changes that have occurred, there have been some who have gone as far as to question the need for Journalists. Some are ready to hammer in the last nail in the coffin of the 4th realm of the estate.

“Indeed it is not in spite of these rapidly changing times, but rather because of them, that the World needs well trained individuals gifted in the art of investigating and storytelling to help the rest of us sift through the noise and delve to the heart of an issue.”

Recalling on some of Komla’s investigative works, which included the epic event involving Komla and the Social Security and National Insurance Trust (SSNIT) over allegation of Corruption in high places, Dr. Dumor said: “It is virtually impossible to estimate the effect that Investigative Journalism has because there are intangibles that cannot be measured and yet its role in exposing corruption and promoting laws and regulations that fight corruption cannot be denied.

Also present was the Country Director for the World Bank Group, Henry R. G Kerali who stated that investigative journalism contributes to the freedom of expression and information and is fundamentally necessary to hold those in power accountable. He said corruption is one of the toughest issues confronting countries adding that corrupt practices rob governments of the means to ensure the best for their people.

Henry Kerali noted that journalists and whistle blowers must be protected in order for transparency in governance and public administration can be realized. He added that: “A Ghana Beyond Aid calls for an independent media that is guaranteed access to public documents and to decision-making processes able to bring possible conflicts of interest to light.

This he said, will assist government in maintaining clarity in the execution of its directives. He commended Ghana for being chosen for the Global celebration of the World Press Freedom Day on May 2nd.

The World Bank Group have been partnering the Komla Dumor foundation for three consecutive years.

Present at the event was Professor Ernest Dumor and the Dumor family, the commissioner of CHRAJ, Joseph Whittal and Chairman of the National Media Commission, Mr. Gyan Apenteng.

The Komla Dumor Foundation is named after late renowned Journalist, Komla Dumor who died on 18th January, 2014 in London. The Foundation aims to promote the practice of Excellence in the field of Journalism in Ghana and across the African Continent.

Through its flagship legacy project, the Foundation seeks to establish The Komla Dumor Institute of Broadcast Journalism. With a goal of training a new class of Journalists who are skilled in their craft, ethical in their behavior and knowledgeable about the changing era in which Journalists are practicing today. Equipped with the tools to take advantage of the digital revolution occurring across the world.

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