Israeli Embassy organises education fair


The Israeli Embassy has held an education fair to expose Ghanaian students to the opportunities available for university education in Israel.

Seven Israeli universities who participated in the fair, which was held at the British Council in Ghana’s capital, Accra, explained the various courses available in their respective schools, the tuition fees, and scholarship opportunities available to Ghanaian students.

According to the Israeli Ambassador to Ghana, Ami Melh, the objective of the program was also to contribute towards the socio-economic development of Ghana and strengthen ties between Ghana and Israel.

“It is our expectation that Ghanaian students, after their training, would return home to contribute to Ghana’s development”, he said.

Highlighting some of the purpose for this intervention, the Ambassador noted that: “We want to develop Ghana, and therefore we need to have a very high level educated people. The universities in Ghana cannot educate all the people but would like to give high level education to all, therefore, Ghana needs to send people to study abroad.

When you study abroad you get something that you don’t get in your own university—the interaction with other people from other places that think in a different way and can broaden your views to suddenly see things in a different way. So, for me it is not about you as a person but you as a country”

He added that: “We need to bring the knowledge from Israel to Ghana. The experience, the science, the technology is what we want to bring to Ghana.”

Israel is home to 66 institutions of higher education, which consist of seven research universities, one Open University, 23 teacher training colleges, 21 academic colleges and 14 private colleges.

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