Ɔdehyeɛ Beer: from our land, for our people, a taste of royalty 


Guinness Ghana Breweries Limited (GGBL), Ghana’s only total beverage business – in line with its commitment to delight consumers with fantastic new drinks rooted in identified consumer insight – has launched Ɔdehyeɛ Beer: a beer celebrating the Akan heritage, progress and future.

A testament to our pioneering work in local raw materials usage and support for our local farmers, this beer – made with over 70 percent local raw materials and blended with malt – was launched on Farmers’ Day 2017 at our flagship brewery in Kenyasi of Ashanti Region, with key distributors, trade partners, staff and members of the general public in attendance.

The name takes inspiration from the best of Akan culture and tradition, wherein a person of royal lineage or descent is referred to as “Ɔdehyeɛ”. Embedded in this name is a spirit of bravery, courage, valour, power and wealth that drives success against all odds. Ɔdehyeɛ Beer is a deep-gold beer that embodies this same warrior spirit, wealth and proud culture of our people.

Ɔdehyeɛ Beer is locally produced and packaged in the heart of Kumasi at Kenyasi and is distributed only in the Ashanti Region of Ghana. It is available in 625ml and 300ml green returnable glass bottles at GH¢2.5 and GH¢3.5 respectively.

It is interesting to note that from every sale of a bottle of Ɔdehyeɛ Beer, a dedicated amount will be given back to the region to provide potable water for vulnerable communities.

According to the Marketing and Innovations Director of GGBL, Melanie Ramsey: “Innovation is at the very core of our business. The Ghanaian consumer is evolving, becoming more sophisticated and aspirational, yet very much rooted in culture and heritage. It is in this regard that we forged into a new era with the people of Ashanti Region to launch ‘Ɔdehyeɛ Beer’ – the first truly local beer that celebrates royalty in an everyday way”.

She added: “The uniqueness of Ɔdehyeɛ Beer lies in the carefully selected raw materials, sourced locally and brewed in the Ashanti Region to the highest standards for all the royal people of the entire region”.

Thus, the people of Ashanti Region are expected to embrace the all-new affordable beer that speaks to their royal heritage.

Apart from enjoying the refreshing taste and crisp finish of Ɔdehyeɛ Beer, the region will also benefit immensely in reference to the local raw materials that will be used in the beer’s production, employment avenues created, and the dedicated amount given back for communities to provide potable water in conjunction with the Asanteman Council.

At the beer’s launch in Kumasi, Ashanti Region, Managing Director (MD) of GGBL Gavin Pike explained that the decision to source over 70 percent of raw materials locally was a significant milestone. According to him, it showed an unwavering commitment of his outfit toward improving livelihoods for Ghanaian farmers.

“Ɔdehyeɛ Beer is brewed with over 70 percent local raw materials, in pursuit of the company’s ambition to use more local raw materials to create sustainable livelihoods for local farmers in Ghana,” he said.

Mr. Pike went on to add: “Ɔdehyeɛ Beer is the new, vibrant beer made FOR OUR PEOPLE; FROM OUR LAND. This is ours! (YEN ARA YEN NSA) – an affordable beer for every occasion”.

With this, one can confidently say that Ɔdehyeɛ Beer has come to stay for our consumers in the Ashanti Region, who are our true royals. Each smooth sip of Ɔdehyeɛ Beer reveals a refreshing taste with a crisp finish. Enjoy Ɔdehyeɛ Beer responsibly. It is not to be sold to persons under 18 years; and equally not recommended for pregnant women.

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