Jant’s Collection releases its ‘coolant collection’


Jant’s Collections releases its Spring Summer Collection titled ‘The Coolant Collection’. Its latest lookbook was inspired from the African ‘Jungle’ recommended for Luxury Lifestyle.

According to the designer the whole collection was made with lacop prints, the pieces are well tailored and exudes elegance and are a clear fuse of the 90’s retro style and modern masculinity.

Creative Director of the brand, Joel Ugo Enyinnaya explains his inspiration behind the Coolant Collection. “While growing up as a young child assisting my mother when she is stitching I found a great passion for design so during the global pandemic that struck the globe, I started to reflect during the lockdown when staying at home about my childhood on whenever I go to the farm to hunt there were three birds called Ovu, Ahia and Okwa in my native language.

These three birds were my favorite so I carefully searched for a fabric that depicted the Ovu, Ahia and Okwa bird description which unfortunately I couldn’t catch as a young man and had to pay homage to in my latest piece. 

Looking at the collection you would help but love the fluidity that comes with the Coolant Collection which can be worn by anyone who understands what luxury contemporary African fashion entails which is fully embodied in this collection.”

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