All 216 districts to participate in 22nd Int. Trade Fair

Dr. Agnes Adu – CEO, Ghana Trade Fair Company Limited

The 22nd edition of the International Trade Fair, slated for February 28 to 7th March 2018, is expected to host all 216 districts across the country to showcase indigenous products and services as well as network with foreign partners.

For the first time in the history of the fair, the districts’ stands will be the platform to engage prospective investors and aid government’s 1 District, 1 Factory [1D,1F] industralisation agenda.

According to the CEO of Ghana Trade Fair Company Limited, Dr. Agnes Adu, the fair is to create a network-atmosphere that companies can communicate in, with 600 local and foreign exhibitors earmarked to attend.

“This year, because we are partnering with the 1D1F, which is a new initiative, we will highlight the initiative; we going to attempt including all 216 districts that the initiative has mapped out, and bring out the potentials in those districts and what government is planning to do within the programme in each district,” she told B&FT in a press interaction in Accra.

“We have partnered with the 1D1F secretariat, but under the Ministry of Trade; and what we are going to do is link that initiative to come in and network with different companies that are under the flagship programmes – from financing, to equipment, to logistics, to the planning of it.

“All those companies have been invited through the embassies, private corporations and startups. So, we have invited all of them to come and then we will link the two entities [1D1F] and the foreign partners according to how we can create opportunities, and then help that initiative to get to the next level,” she added.

With registration ongoing, Dr. Adu says this year’s event promises to be fun-filled, interlaced with seminars and historical slices.

Among activities lined up is includes breakfast with CEOs, a street jam, food bazaar, and music all in a bid to engender confidence in the new trade fair and make it a memorable time for patrons.

Dr. Adu explained that the fair, during its ‘boom days’ could host about 250 to about 400 exhibitors. “We have two pavilions and a combination of the pavilions hosts about 130 exhibitors. So, both pavilions when filled during the fair could host about 260 exhibitors; then the outside is also staged and can host an additional 150, even at its lowest, and if it is well-patronised can host about 300 exhibitors”.

She indicated that monies are being raised through sponsorships, selling the stands, and exhibitors’ contributions. A stand for a foreign exhibitor is going for GH₵4,000 while a local exhibitor is expected to pay GH₵2,000.

The International Trade Fair comes off once a year, and is not intended to generate revenue but industrialse Ghana and create jobs. The Ghana Trade Fair Company Limited is the vehicle through which government promotes trade and industry.

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