A letter to the startup: Life, Love and the Business – (II)


To the issues of friendship, love, business, and war, surprise is the optimistic solution – Amit Kalantri, Author

People have questioned the entities of startup businesses – who they are, what they mean, what they do and whom they do it for. Others just think of it as sprouting small businesses, but they are simply more than that.

Being a startup is not a death sentence; there is more to explore and even outgrow the experience. Many lack the patience and work dedication to make things happen. Starting a unique business, does not mean losing yourself in the process.

You have got to take the pain to apprehend the characteristics of humans; in so doing, you have a hundred percent possibilities of knowing who you are, what you want, why you want them and etc. These are the basis on which the foundations of successful businesses are built – human perceptions.

Having learned about myself and the importance of relationships, networking and building connections between people and my business, I grasped the needs of people which informed our business services and products. This journey of entrepreneurship will teach and give you a lot than you would have to put forth or proffer. Do not lose yourself in daring to build a business.

  • LIFE

Business is the school of life. As I had written above, your own life does get better through learning to make life better for others. Daring to build something to improve the lives of others, should never take your life away; it must make it even better.

It is at the tough times that we need to stand back and question where we are going wrong; even sometimes, where we are going right.

During my struggles of daring to build, I had encountered many loses in life. I was so focused on building a business I had forgotten I needed my life to do that. When I had realized “my life is not my own business”, I had made incorrigible bloopers.

Life is not happening to you. Life is responding to you. You can only take out what you invest into it and not expect miraculous excesses. Life does not give you any overdrafts, loans, profits and losses, and luxury rooms for changes. You get what you put forth.

Don’t make your business your life! As much as businesses and life can be cumbersome to separate or can work apart, one has more importance; that is LIFE.

I have failed times without number in attempts to owning a life self standing off my business. It was effortless and simple. But you should know it is workable and doable. Eventually, I began to see my business as a pleasurable routine. This may not work well with you. There are various articles and stories of how entrepreneurs barely have time for themselves and make the best moments of life.

When I had made significance of what my own life is to my business, I actualized growth in a different kind of way. I sleep when I had to, eat well, take brief breaks when I felt burned out, watch television and have personal time when needed. Work always came second to my life. I have not or never been unproductive with the usual balances I made. Rather, I became better and efficient. Make best of what works for you, your body and mind.

The solutions to some of our most complicated problems are way too simple to believe. We either don’t possess the courage to implement or doubt the power of simplicity. Don’t burden your life with your business. If your business can not improve your life the same way you make it for others, what good is it? Business must be business and your personal life should be your personal life. The two can be truly separated if you dared to.

  • LOVE

The word love is never mentioned in big business; what purposes then will a business serve without love?

Quite often, I’m asked; do you have the time to love someone? How are you able to manage your love life without any business interference? This is not a question to even ask someone because they own a business or seems to a have busy schedules. Most of these questions give me a lousy frown. I feel it is an indirect way of telling someone you do not deserve love or to love because you are a business owner and you’re busy. That is just impolite!

This is what Tony Robbin, the American author, entrepreneur and life coach, had to say about love: “Love is not a business. It is not a transaction. It’s not an exchange or something you get for doing something. It’s not a trade. It is a gift!”

Love is a beautiful gift indeed and entrepreneurs deserve to experience it too.

Business is a lot of work and so is love. Love is work. While businesses evolve around people, understanding their needs and satisfying them, love requires nothing less. Do not be coerced to find yourself at a point where you would have to make a choice between your business and love.

I have had the privilege to love and be loved. I loved people through my business and people have loved me through my business. In both romantic and business relationships, love is what it is and love is work.

Entrepreneurs have had successful romantic and marriage relationships. Many more are enjoying the gift. Be free to experience any form of love. It is an ever ending story. Create one, live it, receive and reciprocate it the best way possible.

“Love the business you do, love the people you do it for, love yourself for doing it and love the people who supports you to do it..” – Harmony Attise, Small business consultant, CEO, Commec Ghana Ltd.


“The rule of my life is to make business a pleasure and pleasure my business.” – Aaron Burr,  American politician, third Vice President of the United States

In every success story, you will find someone who has made a courageous decision. A true entrepreneur is a doer and not a dreamer. It is first about the change before the money. Do the business you love and if you get it right, the money will come.

Most entrepreneurs have been through the path you’re now. Success was not handed to them. The challenges are nothing compared to the satisfactions you may derive from meeting people’s needs. Satisfaction is not what your business will thrive on and what you will ‘eat’ as benefit but satisfaction is what will certainly bring you the money. So be the entrepreneur who isn’t just someone who owns a business, but one who makes things happen. Do the hard work and do it with pleasure.

  • There have been many days when I have had no money; you will not become a billionaire overnight and you will not be broke forever.
  • I have woken up to days and months of no directions; you will not be lost eternally, find yourself.
  • Won contracts I knew I would not satisfactorily complete; but who said you can not recommend other businesses? That’s how businesses build reliable relationships.
  • Moments when friends and colleagues are doing so much better than you; everybody cannot be an entrepreneur and not all can be employees. Take some risks.
  • There will be bits of everything; that is why you’re an entrepreneur, fix them.

Love your business like a hobby. Treat your business like a business.

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