Six things which could doom your presidency


Political campaigns are high intensity, exceedingly volatile and potentially combustible events. Every campaign expects to run a smooth operation with little or probably no drawbacks. However as a human institution that hardly happens.

Well managed campaigns must be prepared for both high and low points and prepare adequately. While some setbacks are redeemable others can become an albatross.  Here are six potential campaign ending factors to watch out for.

A damning column

There are few things more risky than a controversial column written by your candidate. Once it’s on record, anyone can use it anytime as an attack tool. The internet has a long memory and the paper trail will always follow you.

Mitt Romney’s 2008 article for the New York Times titled “Let Detroit go Bankrupt” returned to haunt him 2012. No matter the explanations, the Detroit issue just wouldn’t go and Romney paid dearly for that column.

Ekow Spio Garbrah is still suffering from the fallout of his article years ago for the Daily Graphic in which the term Team A and Team B became popular. These things may not seem like a big deal, especially when one is misunderstood, but the consequences can be damaging.

“The past”: Past statements/actions/controversial votes

Just like past columns, past statements, speeches or comments could come back to haunt candidates. Those statements might be contradictory to a candidate’s present position guaranteeing him/her the unenviable nick name as a flip flopper or they may simply be unpalatable or unsavoury language.

If there is a video or audio to accompany the allegations, you’re toast. Beyond past statements, some people are good at digging up past events to tarnish your image during political campaigns.

From high school records or events through college to your working life, you should prepare for some serious intrusion. Sometimes, these revelations could be damning enough to curtail one’s aspirations.

Scandals and Scandal “Gates”

One of the surest ways to end your political campaign is for a scandal to brew right in the middle of the campaign: a sex scandal, corruption scandal or any other type of bombshell news.

Nobody hopes for one but once it happens, some candidates may decide to withdraw from the race signaling an end to a long-held dream or potential.


Another potential campaign ending issue is the discovery of any acts of plagiarism. In many countries politicians have had to resign from office or end their political dreams if any act of plagiarism is detected.

It happened to Joe Biden when he first run for president. Hopefully, that will not be your portion.

The reluctant spouse/family

If you have a spouse or family, unwilling to bare the pressure and travails of political campaigning, this may signal an end to one’s presidential ambitions. When all is said and done, one obviously needs the family support system in order to have that solid foundation to engage in any high stakes endeavor.

When the lights go off and the audience is gone, when disaster strikes and everyone leaves, these are the people you return to. If they are unwilling to take the plunge, you probably want to rethink your plans. Plus, if your spouse doesn’t think you’ll make a good president, it’s probably a good early warning signal.


Health, they say, is a great leveler. No matter your plans or potential, failing health is often one of the major factors which could signal a denouement to your political ambitions.

Add your voice! What for you, should be a no no when it comes to your potential president? In your opinion, what factors can derail one’s presidential ambitions. At what point would you call for a candidate to withdraw?

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