Vodafone reinforces image as digital workplace of the future


Vodafone has unveiled a new set of graduates under its flagship Discover Graduate programme as it seeks to re-position its image as the digital workplace of the future. The programme is highly respected by the Senior Management of the Vodafone Group and viewed as a true reflection of the company’s identity.

Since its inception, the programme has served as a platform to identify the future generation of Vodafone leaders by hiring the best talents from universities across the globe. Vodafone looks out for fresh graduates with a passion for innovation and the determination to succeed and gives them the opportunity to be at their best whilst impacting their lives in transformative ways.

Current trends suggest that an organisation’s ability to make inroads and achieve a lot of success is reflective of the diversity and strength in its employee pool. The aptitude to attract quality talent and resource to one’s brand is, therefore, very crucial if an organisation wants to be successful.

The programme incorporates rotations across functions in an enabling learning environment, including international assignments, leadership engagements and other professional experiences.
Ashiokai Akrong, Director of Human Resources at Vodafone Ghana said:“Our aim is to attract, develop and retain the very best people by offering a motivating and inclusive digital workplace in which talent is developed and wellbeing is promoted. Over the years, our pride has been in the wonderful people we have and the great things we have achieved working together for the good of the customer. We see this programme as the best platform we have to create new leaders for the brand.”

Vodafone recently won three awards at the HR Focus Awards – Best in Employee Relations, Best in Recruitment and Selection, and Best in Learning and Development – for its commitment to workplace excellence.

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