Ghana Economic Forum opens Monday

Dr. Edith Dankwa ranked second in top 10 female media moguls in Africa
Dr. Edith Dankwa

Accra, The Ghana Economic Forum (GEF) would open on Monday, August 7, to provide a platform for economic gurus, industry think tanks and the media professionals to innovate and strategise to solve the national economic challenges for sustainable national development.

The two-day session, which would be held at the Kempinski Gold Coast City Hotel, is on the theme: Building a Ghanaian-Owned Economy, 60 years after Independence.

The Business and Financial Times newspaper, in partnership with the Ghana News Agency, and other institutions, is organising the annual event, which started in 2012.

Issues related to attracting critical investments in Ghana, revamping the Energy and the Agricultural Sectors, as well as Entrepreneurship and Innovation and the Development of Capital Markets are high on the agenda.

The Forum, would thus, bring together leading personalities in private and public sector organisations to brainstorm in a non-partisan manner to bring up new thinking and policy alternatives to help shape the country’s agenda for economic growth for the common good of Ghanaians.

Mrs Edith Dankwa, the Chief Executive officer of Business and Financial Times stated: The annual forum has brought together leading personalities in the public and private organisations in the country since 2012.

This combination of experience and innovative thinking has led to valuable recommendations on the country’s economic development goals.

Public, private and civil society organisations, she said, were the key institutions that could work together to propel sustainable development for every nation.

It is the strength of these institutions and organisations that reflect the country’s economic wellbeing to a large extent, its global competitiveness, she noted.

The private sector is now recognised as the economic driver of economic growth, which contributes significantly to employment generation and an increased income for the people. The private sector cannot be relegated to the background when it comes to sustainable economic growth, employment and income generation.

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