The new Friday-Wear of Enterprise Group


The Enterprise Group, a leader in the insurance industry, has out-doored a new corporate cloth –Friday wear– for its staff as management continues to build the ‘enterprise brand.’

The new cloth comes with different colors, depending on which subsidiary one belongs to, as the Group has about four subsidiaries; that is Enterprise Life, Enterprise Trustees, Enterprise Properties and Transitions.

It is expected that once a staff wears the cloth, he or she becomes an ambassador of the company’s brand, and it is therefore incumbent on them to exhibit professionalism.

Keli Gadzekpo, the Chief Executive Officer of the Group, speaking at the outdooring ceremony said: “As we continue to build the Enterprise brand and the one enterprise culture, we are certain that paraphernalia like these beautiful cloths we wear, helps to entrench it.

It also adds to our professional outlook and speaks to our core value of professionalism. Interestingly, having a professional outlook gives you so much confidence that you can actually live all the remaining core values,” he said.

He said delivering legendary customer service to the company’s clients is a top-most priority for the business.

He encouraged the staff to have this in their minds anytime they engage a client so they can have the advantage they desire because the company is the best at what it does.

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