Sven Platte talks on personality traits to develop to be more successful


Entrepreneurs stand out as a different breed. With personality traits to back up their unique journeys, it takes a lot to succeed on your own as a visionary.

Most people see success, yet there is so much behind the scenes that makes an entrepreneur the kind of person who sees challenges by breaking free from the chains of the regular nine-to-five.

Sven Platte, a serial entrepreneur who is an expert in motivation, coaching, and business development, reflects on the five personality traits that have made him a success.

The success story of Platte, the CEO of the online platform Digitstore24, is born from the trials and tribulations only a seasoned entrepreneur can understand.

“Entrepreneurship can make or break you,” says Platte. “The important part is to remember your core values are what drive you, and that won’t ever let you down.”

Unrelenting optimism

“Everything certainly won’t be rainbows all the time, but you have to keep your head up,” says Platte. “Things will work out. You have to stay positive and see it through.”


Platte believes that self-awareness is a big one for him in terms of his success.

“Self-awareness gives you the objectivity you need to make the right decisions driven by fact, not feelings. You have to be somewhat critical of yourself in a fair way that inspires you to improve,” he says.

A healthy dose of scepticism

Platte says although pessimism helps no one, if you’re an entrepreneur, a healthy dose of scepticism can help keep you out of trouble.

“You want to be able to feel it in your gut if something is right and little skepticism helps you weed out the good from the bad,” he says.


Platte maintains that consistency is integral to becoming a successful entrepreneur.

“Success is not a one-off result. Success lies in repeated action over time. I remain committed to consistency in all my actions,” he says.


“Entrepreneurs are the most committed people you will ever see, and that factored in my success,” says Platte.

“Above all, you have to stay committed to your goals taking steps every day that keep your eye on the big picture.”

Platte takes these traits very seriously as a man who stopped at nothing to achieve his dreams.

“Entrepreneurship lights a fire in me like nothing else,” he says. “I think I am an entrepreneur to my core, and I embrace these personality traits proudly.”

With a stellar combination of personality and dedication, Platte continues to develop companies and others with the same vision.

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