The Lip Bunny: Leveraging the Power of Social Media to Flourish amidst the Pandemic


In March 2020, COVID-19 became a worldwide pandemic that put the world on lockdown, during which most businesses had to close their doors – some of them for good.

Brianna LaTorre, The Lip Bunny Beauty Med Spa founder, was among the millions who had to shut her business down to help flatten the COVID-19 curve. Fortunately, the beginning was the hardest part.

Now that governments and companies have had time to understand the virus and what measures they can take to keep themselves and their customers safe, restrictions are beginning to lift in some places. For those in the beauty industry, there’s a good reason to have hope for the future.

According to a recent pandemic recovery research report by Technavio, it’s projected that the cosmetic surgery market will grow by $11.24 billion from 2020 to 2024. Here’s how LaTorre and The Lip Bunny Beauty team used social media and telehealth to thrive during the pandemic.

Time for Reflection and Engagement

With close to 120,000 followers on Instagram to date, LaTorre has been working hard to spread The Lip Bunny’s name since 2017. LaTorre has also spoken at one medical conference where she discussed her social media success and how to navigate these sometimes intimidating platforms.

When the pandemic hit, she was forced to close her business down but was lucky to have already built a pretty solid social media following.

During the first days of the lockdown, Brianna LaTorre was unsure of what would become of her business and when she would open again. She says the experience proved to be extremely difficult.

Still, it was also an opportunity to look at what she had created and how she would continue developing and expanding her brand.

She turned to Instagram and telehealth platforms to keep in touch with existing customers and offer advice and beauty tips to her followers.

She also took this time to work on her marketing so she’d have a steady base of new and existing customers for when the lockdown was over.

Taking Advantage of Telehealth to Keep Clients Safe

LaTorre and her staff have created a safe and secure telehealth environment for their clients. With proper cybersecurity and firewalls in place, clients can directly communicate with staff members and get any question or concern answered without worrying about exposing their private information. Patient files, photos, and data are well-protected from outside sources.

The Lip Bunny Beauty Med Spa adapted to the pandemic. Clients can book a consult to discuss the services they want without physically coming to the office.

The injector informs their online clients that there will be another check to ensure their initial assessment was correct when they come in for treatment.

If a client comes in and the provider feels their initial assessment was off, they explain why and what they now think is the best action plan. When the client is satisfied and comfortable, only then can the treatment be done.

Focusing on Safety and Cleanliness

The Lip Bunny Beauty Med Spa has always made cleanliness, sanitation, and overall client safety their number one priority. Once the lockdown was lifted and Brianna LaTorre was able to reopen The Lip Bunny Beauty Med Spa doors to the public, the team added extra safety and cleanliness protocols, implementing all CDC recommendations.

These protocols are now standard practice. They will continue to abide by these recommendations to ensure their clients are coming to a safe and reliable establishment where they can feel confident in receiving their services, no matter what.

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