Chamber of Mines launches 10th GMIA


The Ghana Chamber of Mines will hold its 10th Ghana Mining Industry Awards (GMIA) on Friday, November 22, 2024 to recognise excellence and the contributions of mining companies and individuals to the development of the country.

In this regard, the chamber officially opened nominations for the 10th Ghana Mining Industry Awards on Thursday, July 4, 2024.

The awards, which will be held in November this year, are divided into two main categories with about 20 sub-categories. The first category is based on public nominations; and the second is based on audit reports from regulatory bodies.

The Director for Analysis, Research and Finance of the Ghana Chamber of Mines, Mr. Christopher Opoku Nyarko, disclosed this at the stakeholder engagement and official launch of the 10th Ghana Mining Industry Awards held on Thursday, July 4, 2024.

He indicated that the nomination forms would be posted on the official website of the Ghana Chamber of Mines on Monday, July 8, 2024; and encouraged companies to download and complete the forms to participate in the awards.

Mr. Nyarko emphasised the importance of prospective companies ensuring full compliance by answering all questions on the form to avoid disqualification.

“Make sure you complete all questions on the form before you submit your entries for the awards. Ensure that you don’t provide 2022 information for your company,” Mr. Nyarko advised. He also reminded companies to avoid using complex vocabulary and to keep their answers brief, precise and concise.

He stressed the need to bring to stakeholders’ attention the catalytic role of the sector in the Ghanaian economy. According to him, the awards ceremony is intended to recognise excellence and the tremendous contributions of mining companies, individuals, the media and other institutions to the development of the mining sector. He reaffirmed that the awards scheme was instituted to celebrate the exceptional roles stakeholders play in the mining industry.

Mr. Nyarko indicated that the chamber expects to deepen these engagements in the coming years and hopefully get authorities to appreciate the catalytic role the mining industry can play in the country’s economy. He said the chamber would continue to work with state mining regulatory institutions and stakeholders to reinforce the successes and impact of the industry in the country’s development process.

The awards will be adjudicated by a Board of Directors from the Minerals Commission, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Civil Society Organisations, and chaired by the Vice-Chancellor of the University of Mines and Technology.

The award categories include Best Mining Company, Best Performer in Mine Supplies and Support Services, Best in Innovation, Best Performer in Local Content, Best Green Mine, and Best Performer in Occupational Health and Safety. Others are Best Performer in Environmental Management, Best Graduate Research Student of the University of Mines and Technology (UMaT), Best Essay in the Inter-Mines First Aid and Safety Competition, Lifetime Achievement Award, and Best Mining Reporter.

Mr. Nyarko touched on the main award for the night and explained that the Mining Company of the Year award would be bestowed on a mining company that achieved the highest aggregate results in terms of environmental management, innovation, diversity and inclusion, fiscal contribution, best green mine, local content, occupational health and safety, and corporate social responsibility.

Regarding the Lifetime Achievement Award, he indicated that it would go to a retired individual for their outstanding achievements and significant contributions to the growth of Ghana’s mining industry. The awardee in this category should be an outstanding leader, regulator, policy-maker, economist, engineer, financial manager or technology specialist. This individual must have contributed immensely to the development and future growth of the mining industry during their career.

Nominations will be assessed based on five criteria: achievement, integrity, leadership, peer recognition and strategic vision.

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