Canada celebrates 157 years of confederation


In a vibrant display of international friendship, the Canadian High Commission in Ghana hosted a grand celebration marking Canada’s 157th anniversary of confederation.

The event, held on Canada Day, brought together dignitaries, diplomats, and friends of Canada to commemorate the nation’s rich history and its enduring partnership with Ghana.

Addressing the gathering, the High Commissioner, Martine Moreau, emphasized the deep-rooted ties between Canada and Ghana. “Our close ties, based upon common ideals, mutual interests and shared priorities, are deeply rooted in history,” she stated, tracing the relationship back to 1908 when Quebec missionaries first established a presence in northern Ghana.

The High Commissioner highlighted the significant milestones in Canadian-Ghanaian relations, including the establishment of Canada’s first bilateral African development program in Ghana during the 1960s. With over US$3.2 billion in development assistance to date, Ghana stands as one of Canada’s most crucial international partners.

She underscored the multifaceted nature of the partnership, spanning areas such as economic growth, health, sanitation, agriculture, and climate change resilience. She also praised the role of civil society partners in promoting inclusive governance, democracy, human rights, and empowerment of women and youth.

The celebration shed light on the countries’ longstanding military cooperation, dating back to 1962. The High Commissioner proudly noted Canada’s support for the Ghana Armed Forces through various initiatives, including the Military Training and Cooperation Programme and the Elsie Initiative, which has trained over 100 Ghanaian women for UN peacekeeping missions.

On the economic front, she emphasized Canada’s increasing commercial engagement with Ghana, recognizing the country’s rapid industrialization and commitment to developing domestic supply chains. She cited historical collaborations, such as the partnership between Ontario Hydro and the Volta River Authority, which played a crucial role in Ghana’s energy sector development.

Education emerged as a key area of cooperation, with Canada now ranking as the second-largest destination for Ghanaian students in Sub-Saharan Africa. In 2023 alone, over 8,000 Ghanaians pursued academic and technical training opportunities in Canada.

Reflecting on Canada’s journey, the High Commissioner quoted Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s description of Canada as a “work in progress.” She emphasized the ongoing commitment to making Canada “a better place for all,” echoing the nation’s motto: “They Who Desire a Better Country.”

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