Republic Bank appoints David Addo-Ashong as Acting Board Chairman


Republic Bank (Ghana) PLC has appointed Mr. David Addo-Ashong as Acting Board Chairman following a decision by the Board of the Bank and Bank of Ghana’s approval.

Mr.  Addo-Ashong was appointed to the Republic Bank (Ghana) PLC Board in June 2018 as a representative of Republic Financial Holdings Limited (RFHL). He has served on both the Enterprise Risk and Board Credit Committees as Chairman, and the Remuneration and Nominations Committee of the Board. He currently chairs the Board of Republic Securities Limited and also serves on the Board of Republic Investments (Ghana) Limited.

Mr. Addo-Ashong is highly knowledgeable about the Bank’s affairs, bringing over 40 years of industry experience and a proven track record of success to the role. The Board has full confidence in his ability to lead Republic Bank (Ghana) PLC during this interim period.

The Board of Directors wishes Mr. Addo-Ashong a successful tenure as Acting Board Chairman and assures the Bank’s investors and valued customers that Republic Bank (Ghana) PLC will remain committed to its core mission, continue to prosper, and build upon its strong foundation.


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