8th Ghana Energy Awards to spotlight local content initiatives  


The Ghana Energy Awards (GEA) 2024 edition will focus on highlighting contributions of various local content initiatives to growth of the sector, revealed organisers of the scheme during the 8th edition’s media launch in Accra on Thursday 27th June 2024. Nominations are open until 30th August.

Ghana Energy Awards

Organised by the Energy Media Group (EMG) and endorsed by the Ministry of Energy and  World Energy Council, Ghana, the awards initiative have – since inception in 2017 – recognised the pioneering efforts of stakeholders in the industry toward growth of the national economy.

John Kobina Abbam Aboah Sanie, Deputy Minister of Energy, noted that by recognising and celebrating the remarkable contributions of companies, institutions and individuals, the awards inspire innovation and drive industry players to achieve global standards.

“The impact of these awards extends far beyond mere recognition; they foster a culture of continuous improvement and excellence – aligning the sector’s growth with the broader vision of national development,” he said.

Henry Teinor, Chief Executive Officer-EMG and Events Director-GEA, noted that energy is the lifeblood of Ghana’s economy. For that reason, the organisers’ vision is to “keep this lifeblood pumping by celebrating excellence and innovation”.

As the first in a series of year-long pre-event activities, the launch – held annually – serves as a platform to unveil the central theme and award categories, and officially open nominations for the 2024 awards.


The 2024 edition boldly embraces ‘The Role of Local Content in Building the Energy Sector’ as the theme. This timely focus emphasises the critical importance of fostering homegrown expertise and technology in driving a sustainable and secure energy future for Ghana.

Describing the theme as a strong call for action, chairman of the awarding panel, Lawyer Kwame Jantuah, declared that local participation in every facet of our energy sector is crucial.

“It fuels economic growth, empowers our workforce and ensures a thriving energy future built by Ghanaian hands,” he said – and emphasised the awards’ commitment to highlighting the achievements of Ghanaian minds.

Local content

As mentioned by the deputy minister, the Ministry of Energy acknowledges that “local content is not just a passing trendy jargon; it is a strategic imperative. It is about empowering Ghanaians to actively participate, collaborate, innovate and lead in every facet of the energy sector”.

He said the country has embarked on a transformative journey to change the energy sector by drawing up and implementing robust local content policies and initiatives. Government is further streamlining regulations to create a more supportive environment for Ghanaian businesses to thrive and compete effectively.

“These policies collectively aim to build local capacity, enhance skills of the Ghanaian workforce and ensure the country’s energy resources contribute more significantly to its economic development by guaranteeing that a substantial portion of energy sector activities are conducted by indegenes,” he noted.

Mr. Sanie stressed that while the progress made so far is commendable, it is clear more needs to be done. Continuous efforts are required to further streamline regulations, enhance skill development and promote an even greater degree of local ownership and innovation. Only through sustained commitment and collaborative effort can we fully realise the vision of a self-sufficient and globally competitive Ghanaian energy sector.

Awards categories

The 2024 Ghana Energy Awards feature 25 competitive categories and four non-competitive categories. The competitive set includes Energy Personality of the Year (male and female), CEO of the Year (Power and Petroleum), and the Visionary Leadership Award.

Newer categories introduced in line with the theme include the Local Content Impact Leadership Award, Local Content Torchbearer Excellence Award, Local Content Legacy Achievement Award, Local Content Partnership of the Year and the Outstanding Local Content Initiative of the Year.

Other categories are Energy Company of the Year, Innovation Project of the Year, Energy Institution of the Year and Energy Reporter of the Year, among others.

Pre-event activities

The media launch precedes other pre-event activities including courtesy calls on industry players, the Energy Personalities Outreach Programme, media campaigns and visits to nominees’ project sites.

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