GCAA emphasises shift to digital aeronautical information management


In a significant move towards modernizing Ghana’s aviation sector, the Ghana Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) has underscored the importance of transitioning from Aeronautical Information Service (AIS) to Aeronautical Information Management (AIM).

This move towards digital AIM aligns with GCAA’s organizational policy priorities, which focus on improving aviation safety and security, enhancing airspace management, and boosting operational efficiency.

This shift was highlighted during a stakeholder engagement forum, where Ing. Charles Kraikue, Director-General of GCAA, delivered a keynote address.

It marks a significant step in Ghana’s journey towards becoming a world-class Air Navigation Service Provider and reinforces the country’s commitment to aviation safety and efficiency in the digital age.

Ing. Kraikue emphasized that this transformation is not merely a change in terminology but a comprehensive evolution in managing and utilizing aeronautical information.

He described AIS as an “unsung hero” in aviation operations, managing vital data for safe and efficient flight operations.

“This information is akin to the air we breathe; it might be invisible, but it is indispensable,” Ing. Kraikue stated, stressing the critical role of accurate and timely information in aviation decision-making and safety.

The shift to AIM is driven by the need for a more dynamic, digital approach to managing aeronautical information. The GCAA is moving away from traditional paper-based publishing towards digital data sets, aligning with global trends. This digital transformation aims to enhance precision and reliability while reducing the risk of human error.

Ing. Kraikue proudly announced that the GCAA’s AIS has maintained its ISO 9001:2015 certification for another year, a standard first implemented in 2022. This certification underscores the authority’s commitment to quality management in aeronautical information.

The GCAA plans to develop mechanisms for real-time updates of digital data sets, considering both permanent and temporary changes. The authority is also exploring the concept of System-Wide Information Management (SWIM) for distributing various types of aviation-related information over a global, interoperable network.

As part of its digital transformation efforts, the GCAA is focusing on digitalizing AIS processes such as NOTAM management and post-flight information services. Kraikue announced management’s approval for acquiring an AIXM system, a new database that will complement future systems when the GCAA moves to its new Air Navigation Service Provider (ANSP) building.

Additionally, the authority is reviewing and establishing formal arrangements with all GCAA AIS data providers. Plans are also underway to open AIS offices at Kumasi Airport, soon to be known as Nana Agyemang Prempeh I International Airport, once it commences international operations.

Ing. Kraikue ended by calling for collaboration among all stakeholders to ensure Ghana consistently provides quality aeronautical data and information for all users of its airspace.

He encouraged full participation in discussions, idea exchange, and strengthening of business relationships.

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