Yango celebrates its partner drivers


Yango, an international tech company has reasserted its objective to honouring and celebrating partner drivers who have excelled over the past few months.

This event took place during the Yango International Drivers Day, which was celebrated on June 7th, 2024 at the Yango hub in Accra. It was a tribute to Yango’s partner drivers who have shown hard work, resilience, and dedication in their service to passengers.

To mark the occasion, Yango collaborated with Tecno and media personality Berla Mundi to honour the top drivers who excelled in supply hours, trips, user ratings, and road safety in the past months. The event was a celebration of the hard work and dedication of these drivers who go beyond to provide excellent service to their passengers.

Yango Ghana’s Country Manager, Mr. Tom Ofonime emphasised the importance of appreciating the hard work and dedication of partner drivers and all stakeholders in the ride hail industry.

‘’Yango is always committed to the wellbeing and success of all its stakeholders, especially the partner drivers. They play an integral role in ensuring that passengers go to and from their destinations conveniently and safely.

They spend several hours each day working hard to provide a livelihood for their families while contributing greatly to the overall success of the business. We appreciate all partner drivers a lot and hope this inspires others to provide quality services to passengers each day’’ – he said.

The partner drivers shared their stories and received encouragement from their peers and Yango representatives.

In recognition of their outstanding achievements, the top drivers were awarded with Tecno Spark 20 phones, courtesy of Yango’s partnership with Tecno. Through this partnership, Yango offers a phone-leasing programme that allows drivers to purchase phones at discounted prices with flexible payment options. This programme is just one of the many partnerships the company has created to support its drivers and help them succeed in their work.

Speaking on behalf of the rewarded partner drivers, Confidence Kofi Sarpei thanked Yango for the initiative and reiterated the need for all partner drivers to stay safe on the roads while adhering to Yango’s safety features such as the display of riders rating, identity photo checks in special cases, display of alert zones & non-penalty configuration for drivers to be able to skip orders to the alert zones, display of point B for drivers in alert zones, display of riders profile picture, rating form to evaluate riders and in-app calls to support.

He also implored the partner drivers to work hard and offer the best quality services to passengers while taking advantage of the income generating opportunity offered by Yango.

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