Stakeholders applaud Karpowership for continuous engagement 


Stakeholders have lauded Karpowership Ghana for its unwavering commitment to community engagement. Following a recent stakeholder session in Sekondi and Essikado on June 6, the company has earned praises for actively involving local leaders and residents in their initiatives.

During the meetings, which included representatives from Sekondi and Essikado’s Traditional Councils, as well as leaders from the fishing community, Karpowership Ghana shared project updates and solicited valuable feedback.

Sandra Amarquaye, Communications Manager of Karpowership Ghana, emphasized the significance of these interactions, highlighting the company’s dedication to nurturing strong relationships and promoting collaborative efforts within the community.

Ms. Amarquaye, said, ” At Karpowership building strong relationships with our stakeholders is at the heart of everything we do. We believe in the power of collaboration and community engagement to drive positive change.”

The engagement sessions commenced with discussions involving fisherfolk from Egyiresia, Essikado, and Sekondi, followed by dialogues with traditional councils as part of their quarterly stakeholder engagements. These efforts aimed to keep stakeholders informed about Karpowership Ghana’s activities while ensuring their voices were heard.

Paramount Chief Nana Kobina Nketsia V of Essikado expressed his satisfaction with Karpowership Ghana’s approach, applauding their responsiveness and proactive engagement. “We value Karpowership Ghana’s efforts to involve us and seek our input,” he remarked.

Chief Fisherman Nana Kweku Oye Adom of Sekondi thanked Karpowership Ghana for their continued support through various Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives since the project’s relocation, affirming strong community backing for the company.

Acting President Nana Barima Ekow Gyesa II of the Sekondi Traditional Council commended Karpowership for their respectful and consistent engagement with community leaders and residents, ensuring ongoing updates and feedback.

In conclusion, Karpowership Ghana’s commitment to community engagement and collaborative partnerships stands as a testament to their dedication to fostering positive relationships and sustainable development in the regions they serve. Their proactive approach not only strengthens ties with stakeholders but also enhances trust and mutual respect, paving the way for continued success and shared prosperity.

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