VRA Akosombo Hospital marks Diamond Jubilee with expansion drive


By Ernest Bako WUBONTO

The Volta River Authority’s (VRA) Akosombo Hospital has commemorated its 60th anniversary with a renewed commitment to investing in advanced technologies to provide excellent healthcare for the Asuogyaman district and beyond.

Operating under the brand name VRA Health Services Limited (VHSL), the initiative has  three subsidiaries at Accra, Akuse and Aboadze. However, in the Asuogyaman district where Akosombo is located, the private facility has served as the de facto district hospital for the past six decades.

The VHSL hospitals provide a wide range of medical services including in-patient, outpatient and specialist services to the general public in their respective communities, and are committed to expanding in operational specialties.

VRA Health Services has played a phenomenal role in Ghana’s medical training,  with almost all medical professionals – including celebrated clinicians – having passed through their doors during their training.

Medical Superintendent-VRA Hospital, Dr. Charles Arhinful, speaking at the anniversary launch event held in Akosombo mentioned that VHSL was incorporated as a limited liability company in February 2014 as a solely owned subsidiary of the Authority to safeguard the health and safety of VRA employees, their families and dependents, as well as inhabitants of the Akosombo Township and lakeside area.

“As we celebrate 60 years of VRA Health Services, we are proud to share our notable achievements in healthcare delivery. While the Volta River Authority has been powering the economy of Ghana, our health services unit has been the backbone – ensuring the health and well-being of staff and their families.

Notably, during the recent pandemic all the Authority’s installations, the Dams and  Thermal Plants, continued to operate uninterrupted; thus sustaining the economy of Ghana. This was a remarkable feat, as many organisations had to shut down due to COVID-19,” he said.

He highlighted that the VHSL hospitals in Akosombo and Aboadze-Shama have been serving as de facto district hospitals, providing general and specialist services at highly subsidised rates – demonstrating VRA’s corporate social responsibility to the communities where it operates.

Established in 1964 as a Medical Services Unit to serve the health needs of VRA staff and its retired employees, the VRA Akosombo Hospital has evolved over the past six decades to become a leading healthcare facility in the region.

VRA Board Member, Rev. Joyce Aryee, commended management of the hospital for positioning it as a lead provider of healthcare in the country with continuous investment in state-of-the-art facilities.

She urged management to continuously invest in ultra-modern technology in an era of digitalisation to be able to attract clients from all over the country. “If people can travel from this country to Dubai and South Africa for healthcare, then they should be able to travel to Akosombo for the best specialist service they can get in the country, and that should be our focus,” she said.

Deputy Chief Executive for Finance, VHSL, Dr. Nii Ayi Tagoe, in his remarks as chairman of the launch event mentioned that 60 years in the life of any organisation is a remarkable achievement, especially in the healthcare delivery sector; hence, VHSL deserves celebration for being a beacon of hope to VRA staff in the early days and to the communities where these facilities operate.

“For the past six decades, the VRA Akosombo Hospital has been a pillar of healthcare in Akosombo and the surrounding areas. As we celebrate this milestone, we renew our dedication to delivering excellent patient care and continuous improvement in our services,” he said.

VHSL has outlined a series of activities to engage the local community, recognise the hospital’s achievements and chart a course for the future as part of its Diamond Jubilee celebration.

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