WCFO pushes for land reforms to secure tenure for cocoa farmers


The World Cocoa Farmers Organization (WCFO) Ghana chapter has presented a proposal to the Executive Secretary of the Lands Commission, focusing on land tenure issues faced by cocoa farmers, particularly tenant farmers in the Western North Region of Ghana.

This presentation, held in Accra, aims to help farmers secure appropriate legal documentation to protect agricultural land from litigation.


In Ghana, land ownership is primarily governed by customary systems with chiefs controlling most agricultural land. Due to the lack of documentation, tenant cocoa farmers often face disputes over access and ownership rights.

Moses Djan Asiedu, Board Secretary of WCFO, highlighted that participatory research by WCFO revealed that around 70% of cocoa farmers lack legal ownership documents. This insecurity has discouraged farmers from investing in the rehabilitation of their farms, particularly those affected by disease or aging, due to fears of insecure tenancy.

Asiedu further explained that the complex land registration processes in Ghana deter many cocoa farmers from initiating the registration process. The proposal aims to address these land tenure issues through collaboration with key stakeholders such as the Lands Commission, Office of the Administrator of Stool Lands, and COCOBOD.

Emelda Amoah, Advocacy Manager of WCFO, emphasized the need for collaboration between WCFO and the Lands Commission to simplify the registration process. She stressed the importance of assisting cocoa farmers in obtaining the necessary requirements for registration and legal land documentation.


Surveyor Benjamin Arthur, Executive Secretary of the Lands Commission, welcomed the initiative. He stated that the primary duty of the Lands Commission is to provide high-quality, reliable, and efficient services in geographic information, guaranteed tenure, property valuation, surveying, and mapping to all stakeholders, including farmers.

“It is my great pleasure to welcome you all warmly to the Lands Commission to be part of the proposal presentation between Lands Commission and the World Cocoa Farmers Organization (WCFO). I believe in proper documentation and let me assure you that the proposal before me will be reviewed thoroughly. We will provide possible recommendations or guidance to help address the challenges farmers are facing in cocoa-growing regions in Ghana,” said Arthur.


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