So Energy Ghana educates girls on sanitary hygiene with M.A.D FLOW 2024


Let’s set the stage! You’re cruising through your month feeling invincible when suddenly, BAM! Auntie Flow arrives uninvited, with all the emotional baggage. One minute you’re peaceful, happy and calm; the next you’re a soggy mess, angry at everything and nothing in particular.

Many girls do not have complete and accurate understanding of menstruation as a normal biological process. Educating girls before their first period — and importantly, boys on menstruation – builds their confidence, contributes to social solidarity, and encourages healthy habits.

Well, if it involves Making A Difference (M.A.D) and bringing energy to life responsibly, trust Sahara Group to be there! This time, through So Energy – a foremost retail station brand in Ghana that ensures the seamless, convenient, transparent and reliable flow of top-quality petroleum products in Ghana.

M.A.D Flow was designed by So Energy, a Sahara Group downstream company, to help young girls take the driver’s seat when it comes to their monthly sanitary care and reproductive health awareness.

It is also an expression of So Energy’s commitment to promoting Sustainable Development Goal 3 (SDG3) which targets the attainment of healthy lives and well-being for all at all ages.

Armed with the M.A.D Flow Sanitary Care Kit and Faustina Boamah, a professional health worker from the Ghana Health Service, So Energy employees went all-out to Make A Difference in the lives of the students of Rev. Ernest Bruce Memorial Methodist School and Abundant Grace Academy, with practical conversations and guidance on girls’ sanitary hygiene.

According to Yaa Serwa Alifo, Head – Sahara Downstream, Ghana, the activity reinforces the commitment of the organisation to bringing energy to life responsibly through sustainable social impact interventions. “We are delighted at the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of young girls in Ghana through the So Energy M.A.D Flow campaign. We believe such engagements will help girls take charge of their sanitary hygiene, while also enlisting the support of boys and men,” she said.

Beginning with the Genesis of adolescence and ovulation through to the Exodus of monthly blood flow, Ms. Boamah educated the students on the gospels of proper menstrual hygiene:

  • Bath at least twice a day during menstruation
  • Change sanitary pads at least every five hours
  • Use cotton fabric underwear, which is a more breathable option.
  • Practise proper hand wash, especially before and after changing sanitary pads.

Through the epistles of her presentation and Q&A session, she cleared misconceptions, shedding a light of revelation to these young minds. She also had a word for the boys. She reminded them that menstruation is a natural life process; thus, they should be careful not to ridicule girls who stain themselves or experience discomfort during such times.

Amid squeals of glee, the students eagerly opened their M.A.D Flow Sanitary Care Kits to find two packs of sanitary pads, a pocket-sized hand sanitiser, a pack of pocket tissue and an educational brochure on menstruation which featured a word search puzzle and a business profile of Sahara Group – a leading energy conglomerate with operations across Africa, Asia, Europe and the Middle East.

As these young minds walked away equipped with knowledge and their M.A.D Flow Sanitary Care Kits, we were reminded that sometimes, the simplest acts of education and kindness can make the most profound difference.

Indeed, when nature calls the show, every girl deserves to keep their glow and make it a M.A.D Flow! While we sowed the rhymes in the minds of the young girls at Rev. Ernest Bruce Memorial Methodist School and Abundant Grace Academy, we left feeling fulfilled to have delivered another M.A.D Blow to misconceptions and myths, empowering the girls to be beacons of hope and helping guide other girls across Ghana embrace sustainable sanitary care, leaving no one behind.

Beyond providing exceptional fuelling solutions, So Energy is committed to social impact interventions in Ghana, working in collaboration with the Sahara Group Foundation.

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