8th EMY Africa Expo draws art enthusiasts to Accra International Conference Center


The 8th edition of the EMY Africa Expo has ended in Accra after attracting art enthusiasts and admirers of Ghanaian culture. This three-day event, under the auspices of First National Bank, was a celebration of the arts, showcasing a vibrant array of artistic expressions and cultural heritage.

Highlighting the bank’s commitment to supporting the arts and promoting Ghana’s rich cultural heritage, CEO Warren Adams remarked that First National Bank believes that art and finance are not mutually exclusive.

“Both complement each other beautifully. Both require precision, creativity, and a willingness to take risks. Both have the power to transform and uplift,” Mr. Adams said. “Let us continue to support and empower our artistic community. And let us never forget the transformative power of art to bring us together and make our world a more vibrant, more compassionate, and more wonderful place.”

Among the standout artworks at the Expo was “Panorama of Virgin Beauty II” by Betty Acquah, a piece that mesmerized viewers with its soothing tones and serene composition. Equally impressive was ‘The Market Queens’ by Daniel Botchway, a vibrant portrayal of patterns and colors that celebrated the richness of Ghanaian culture.

The event also highlighted works from young talents like Ace-Liam, the one-year-old Guinness World Record holder, and renowned artist Ablade Glover, creating a dynamic contrast between Ghana’s established and rising artists.

Another notable feature of the Expo was the live demonstration of Kente weaving. This intricate process of double weaving, known as “kpevi,” provided a fascinating insight into traditional Ghanaian textile art, captivating audiences with its complexity and beauty.

The exhibition attracted distinguished guests including, former first lady, Nana Konadu Agyeman-Rawlings and radio personality, Kofi Okyere-Darko (KOD). Attendees were captivated by a wide range of artistic pieces, from still-life paintings to live music performances and intricate handicrafts, offering something for every art lover.

In addition to the visual arts, attendees enjoyed a selection of delicious local dishes, enhancing their overall experience. “This is a good platform to showcase the hard work that our wonderful artists are putting up,” Mr. Kwabena Agyekum of the EMY Africa Faculty said. “With this, I believe we can inspire future generations of artists, entrepreneurs and leaders to pursue their passions and make a positive impact on our world.”

Overall, the 8th EMY Africa Expo was a resounding success, celebrating the vibrancy and diversity of African art. It fostered connections between artists, collectors, and the broader community, highlighting the importance of art in cultural expression and community development.

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