CalBank launches women’s network to empower female employees


By Sandra Agyeiwaa OTOO

CalBank, a leading financial institution in Ghana, has launched CalWomen’s Network – a platform aimed at empowering and supporting the bank’s female employees.

CalWomen’s Network aims to provide a platform for mentorship, professional development and leadership opportunities. It also seeks to create an environment where women can connect, share experiences and support each other in their career journeys.

Speaking at the launch event, Acting Managing Director-CalBank, Carl Selasi Asem, emphasised the importance of collective efforts in achieving gender equity.

“When women pursue collective goals with mutual benefits, opportunities are explored to produce tremendous results,” he said.

“I therefore encourage all the women within the group to participate fully and take advantage of activities that the network rolls out to evolve and upgrade their skills. This network is a collective effort, and its success will be driven by our active involvement and enthusiasm,” he added.

Chairman-CalBank Board, Joe Mensah stated: “The board, as part of its commitment to Principle 4 of the Ghana Sustainability Banking Principles, will encourage awareness and initiate action to promote gender equity – both with our clients and within our own business operations – in alignment with international best practices (UN Women’s Empowerment Principles)”.

He described the launch as a movement that recognises the immense value women bring to their institutions and the financial sector at large.

According to him, CalWomen’s Network represents his outfit’s dedication to creating an environment where every individual can thrive, lead and innovate. He emphasised the need for active engagement and support from all members of the CalBank family, including male colleagues.

“When we bring together individuals with varied backgrounds, experiences, and viewpoints, we unlock creativity, enhance problem-solving, and drive innovation. This network is a crucial step in harnessing that power. The CalWomen’s Network will serve as a platform for mentorship, professional development, and leadership opportunities. It will provide a space for our female colleagues to connect, share experiences, and support each other in their career journeys. But make no mistake – this is not just a women’s issue. It is an organisational imperative that requires the engagement and support of every member of the CalBank family,” he revealed.

In his closing remarks, Mr. Mensah encouraged the women of CalBank to embrace this initiative with enthusiasm and determination.

“Let us work together to break down barriers, challenge biases and create opportunities. Let us build a CalBank where every individual can reach their full potential, where diversity is celebrated and where innovation thrives.”

Anita Nadia Attah, President-CalWomen’s Network, expressed excitement and honour in being part of this initiative. She outlined the network’s vision and mission, which include creating a welcoming space for women to share experiences, challenges and successes, and advocating for gender equity.

“Our vision is to create a welcoming space that forges connections, builds knowledge and expands spheres of influence among members. With a mission of advocacy for gender equity, we aim to provide a platform for women to share experiences, challenges and successes, offer professional development opportunities tailored to the needs of women, support and promote implementing policies on gender equity within the Group and engage in community outreach programmes that support the welfare and empowerment of women,” she mentioned.

“We seek to achieve all these through mentoring programmes, talk and learning series, workshops, breakfast meetings and hobnob moments. As founding members of this network, we are all the backbone of this community; your commitment, contributions and passion will shape our future,” she added.

She called on all male colleagues to contribute their quota to empowering women.

“We call on our male colleagues to lend a hand to this purpose by creating mental spaces and room for development of the women within your teams. Your support is critical to our success,” she stated.

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