Celebrating excellence: GCB Bank’s Digital Transformation and Award-Winning Innovations – Recoded GCB Mobile App


In a historic year marking its 70th anniversary, GCB Bank PLC, Ghana’s oldest commercial bank, has been honored with two prestigious awards at the Ghana Information Technology and Telecom Awards (GITTA) 2024. The bank’s commitment to digital innovation and customer-centricity was recognized with the Best Banking App award for the GCB Recoded Mobile App and the Best Digital Banking Team of the Year award.

A legacy of service: 70 Years of GCB Bank

For seven decades, GCB Bank has been a pillar of stability and progress in Ghana’s financial sector. The bank’s 70th anniversary is a celebration of its journey from a trusted local bank to a leader in Africa’s banking industry, continuously enriching lives and empowering businesses.

The GCB Recoded Mobile App: A Milestone in Self-Service Banking

The Recoded GCB Mobile App, launched in December, has been a cornerstone of GCB Bank’s digital transformation. The app has swiftly captured the market, boasting exponential growth and impressive adoption rates. Since its launch, the Recoded GCB Mobile App has welcomed over 220,000 customers, facilitated over 3.5 million transactions, and processed transaction volumes amounting to GHS 2.39 billion. These impressive figures highlight the burgeoning demand for seamless digital banking solutions.

At the core of our digital strategy is our pledge to elevate customer convenience and satisfaction. The Recoded GCB Mobile App simplifies everyday banking tasks, allowing customers to effortlessly manage their finances, transfer funds, pay bills, and even create virtual prepaid cards for online transactions, all within the comfort of their homes or while on the move.

Innovative Features: The Recoded GCB Mobile App

The Recoded GCB Mobile App, available for both Android and iOS users, has redefined convenience, offering customers a wealth of self-service options:

  • Self-Onboarding: Diverse registration methods including GCB account and Ghana Card, GCB Debit Card, G-Money wallet.
  • Account Information: View account balances and request statements, ensuring customers are always informed about their finances.
  • Card Management: Request new cards, change PINs, and adjust transaction limits, providing customers with control over their card security.
  • Wallet Self-Service: Utilize the Wallet as a source of funds, check balances, and manage wallet details.
  • Investments: Utilize term deposits to grow savings, offering a straightforward way to invest.
  • Payments: Pay over 200 merchants and institution fees, simplifying bill payments and financial transactions.
  • Extensive Transfer Options: A wide array of transfer options to meet every customer’s needs.
  • Standing Orders: Efficient management of standing orders across various platforms.
  • Support: Comprehensive 24/7 help options from ATM locators to forex rates.

Financial Inclusion: Instant Digital Account Creation

The app’s feature for instant digital account creation using the Ghana Card and a selfie is a leap towards financial inclusion, allowing individuals to join the banking system effortlessly.

GCB’s Digital Banking Ecosystem: Convenience at Your Fingertips

GCB Bank’s digital banking ecosystem extends far beyond the mobile app:

  • Debit, Prepaid and Virtual Cards: Offer customers flexible payment options and secure online transactions.
  • Wide ATM Network: With Ghana’s largest ATM network, customers can perform transactions anytime, anywhere.
  • Internet Banking: Provides financial control at your fingertips, enabling customers to manage their finances online.
  • USSD Services: The *422# service allows customers to access banking services without the need for internet connectivity.

Phase 2: The Next Step in Digital Banking

The upcoming Phase 2 of the GCB Recoded Mobile App will introduce an enhanced user interface, advanced security features, additional transfer options, increased self-service, and personal financial management tools, further elevating the digital banking experience.

Celebrating the Past, Shaping the Future

The recognition at GITTA 2024 is a celebration of both GCB Bank’s storied past and its bright future. The Recoded GCB Mobile App has not only driven convenience for our customers but also significantly reduced operational costs, demonstrating the effectiveness of our digitization agenda. As we continue to innovate and dominate the market, we are excited to introduce more groundbreaking features that will further simplify banking for our customers. Join us as we continue to break new ground and contribute to the socio-economic development of Ghana.

We would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to our valued customers for their unwavering support and trust in GCB Bank. Your loyalty and confidence in our services have been the driving force behind our success and innovations. As we continue to enhance our digital offerings and provide exceptional banking experiences, we remain committed to meeting your needs and exceeding your expectations. Thank you for being an integral part of our journey.

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