CanoeVibes: a Country Called Ghana; how Lilwin’s movie title manifest the ugly side of fame


Fame is corrosive, when it is inappropriately applied. A corrosive fame has wrecked and damaged lives. For those consumed by it, the recovery is akin to an unpaved road to hell.

The child has since been buried. The actor’s car is said to have smashed into another vehicle. Prior to the incident, he had been enjoying positive reviews for his movie, A COUNTRY CALLED GHANA. The movie featured some of Nollywood’s finest actors including Ramsey Nouah.

Post accident images of the damaged Benz made their way onto social media. People panicked. There concerns about his safety and if he was alright. The lack of information about his condition further fueled the existing panic within his fanbase.

But reports started filtering in about the actor showing up at the premiere of his movie. It was later followed by a photo. A white plaster was rooted on his forehead. He also appeared well. He was accused of staging the accident to promote the movie. I shook my head when I saw the video of him at the event. Possible internal bleeding? I said to myself.  Less than a week after the premiere, videos of the burial of the three year old boy went viral.

The story also emerged that the actor had declined calls to meet with the parents of the boy. The actor’s management issued a statement on the matter, but was silent on the accusation leveled against him. But in another statement, the actor’s management rubbished the accusation. The tone of the letter was insensitive and got on the wrong nerves of most people.

As if that was not enough, his spokesperson went on radio and accused the deceased father of being responsible for the death of his son. He accused the deceased father of putting the child in the front seat, and also failing to strap him in a car seat. It was a poor interview. It also confirmed to me the stories I hear about him being arrogant and unable to manage the fame.

At least I have heard Oboy Siki, another actor, accused Lilwin of allowing the fame to enter into his head. He said the people in Lilwin’s circle are not able to be candid with him, when he is not acting right.

The aftermath of the accident has confirmed what Oboy Siki said about him. He has allowed fame and fortune to trick him into thinking he’s the best thing that ever happened to humanity. I admire Lilwin. He has leveraged his talent to build wealth for himself. In a country where those with no formal education are easily disrespected, what he has achieved with his life is remarkable. No one can take that away from him. His funny phrases have become household anthems.

A Lilwin skirt sits on the phone of most people, including Ghanaian PhD holders. Dutch passport holders of Ghanaian origin also have them on their phones. For a man from a modest background, corrosive fame should never be part of the ingredients that built him.  Unfortunately, on the current happens, the opposite is what has happened. Did he think he was going to use fame to sweep the incident off everyone’s radar?

The calls for his arrested was unanimous. A friend, who until that incident was a loyal fan, also joined calls for him to be arrested and punished. When he was eventually arrested, he looked defeated.

The man who had attended an event hours after an accident that also claimed the life of a three year old boy, he was drenched in pain, or pretended to be. Lilwin’s neck was wrapped in a brace. He also had on surgical mask and bonnet. Rather than gain sympathy, he got condemnation and mockery.  The seemingly sorry image is now a meme. A case of self sabotage!

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