Nestle honours top five distributors with vehicles


By Sandra Agyeiwaa OTOO

Nestle Ghana has presented vehicles to its top five distributors nationwide in honour of their outstanding contributions to the company during 2023 at its Distributors Conference and Awards held in Accra.

Corporate Communications and Public Affairs Manager for Nestle Ghana, Deborah Kwablah, stated that the award scheme is a token of gratitude for their good work in 2023 and is a part of their long-standing cooperation.

Additionally, it serves as a cushion and motivator for them to increase the efficiency of their delivery and go beyond what is expected in terms of covering the distribution of Nestle products.

“This is the third time we are awarding our distributors or business partners with trucks. This is informed by the kind of partnership we have formed over the years. As you know, we produce our favourite nestle brands and these are the men and women who carry the products from the factory into the warehouses, into shops, into communities and into households for us to consume. So, they are critical stakeholders within our business and this is an award appreciation to them for good work done in 2023,” she stated.

The vehicle prizes given to the top 5 distributors, in Mrs. Kwablah’s opinion, will promote business growth, create jobs, broaden markets for the products and create fruitful partnerships.

“We believe that the award of trucks is a direct investment into their business, and obviously they will hire drivers to drive this truck; they will hire distributors and sales force members to work in these vans; and these vans will further help them to expand the reach of products. So, we believe that this is not just an award but an investment into their business because when they are successful, we are also successful,” says Mrs. Kwablah.

She added: “For the past three years, Nestle has consistently done these distributor awards and given many cash awards. Mind you, we’ve done 69 awards this year and this is the national best 5 distributors; but we have given out 69 awards in different categories across the country, and this is the climax of the day”.

She revealed that the drivers were selected based on various key performance indicators (KPIs), from which the five became winners.

Mrs. Kwablah, explaining the criteria from which they were selected said: “There are a number of indicators that we look at to judge who the best distributors are; we look at their warehousing, their coverage, how they manage their staff and how they generally manage the vehicles.

“So, these are indicators to show that these distributors mean business, they are sustainable, and they want to invest in their business.”

To be eligible in the upcoming years, Madam Kwablah urged other distributors to outperform these metrics. Top distributors Awonyame Enterprise, OFRAM Company Limited, LESFAM Company Limited, EDCY Company and Danmaud Company limited were among those who received vehicles.

Speaking at the award presentation held in Accra, Managing Director-Nestlé Ghana Ltd., Mr. Georgios Badaro, congratulated the distributors for their contribution to the business.

“Every year we recognise our dedicated business partners for their valuable support, because the work they do ensures that Nestlé’s nutritious and quality food and beverages reach millions of Ghanaian families each day.”

The ultimate winner, Mrs. Maud Botwe of DANMAUD Ltd. – who was also recognised for the Highest Turnover, expressed appreciation to Nestlé saying: “I thank the Managing Director, management and staff of Nestlé Ghana for their support. We are very grateful our hard work has been recognised and pledge to do our part to support Nestlé just as they support us”.

The Nestlé Distributor Awards are held annually to recognise distributor efforts and contributions to business growth and success.

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