ECOWAS Brown Card scheme marks 42nd anniversary


The Ghana National Bureau of the Ecowas Brown Card secretariat marked its 42nd anniversary of the scheme last week.

The celebrations took off with an educational program involving motorist from the sub region a brief enforcement exercise with the Police Motor Transport Traffic Directorate (MTTD) on especially transit vehicle from the Ecowas sub region. The celebrations took place in all member states across the anglophone countries–Ghana, Nigeria, Liberia, Gambia and Sierra Leone.

The Ghana National Bureau of the ECOWAS Brown Card Insurance Scheme plays a crucial role in managing claims arising from international motor traffic accidents within the sub-region. Established under ECOWAS Protocol A/P|/5/82, this Bureau, registered as a Company Limited by Guarantee under the Companies Act 1963 (Act 179), came into existence on June 1, 1987.

The celebrations ended up at the Tesano Police Station with the Ghana national Bureau donating logistics to the MTTD to the police.

The successes of the Ghana National Bureau

  • The Ghana National Bureau has in partnership with the National Insurance Commission (NIC) implemented the automatic issuance of Brown cards, one of the few success stories in the sub region.
  • The Bureau has collaborated with NIC to integrate the Brown Cards unto the Motor Insurance Database (MID) system. This system is an innovative online platform implemented by the regulator to curb the phenomenon of vehicles with fake motor insurance stickers plying our roads. Such an integration will not only enhance the Motor claim process among members states but would also provide a platform to authenticate the validity of motor insurance policy both by the handling and Issuing Bureau across ECOWAS member states.
  • The Bureau intends to digitize its system in the issuance and the authentication of the Brown Cards going forward.
  • The Motor Traffic and Transport Directorate (MTTD) remains an important stakeholder in the operationalization of the Brown Card scheme. They ensure foreign motorists who ply our roads respect traffic rules and also carry the requisite brown card. The Bureau over the years has supported the MTTD with training and other equipment to aid their work, which has resulted in a positive road safety outcome on our roads.
  • The Custom division of the Ghana Revenue Authority also checks and authenticate brown cards coming into the country. The Bureau has been providing them with training for the authentication of brown cards along the Member States borders.
  • The Ghana Haulage and Transport Drivers and Owners Association are heavy users of the Brown Card and key beneficiaries of the brown card scheme. The Ghana national Bureau continues to give them support in times of accidents and help them process their claims.

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