Women leaders urge deliberate action to shatter corporate glass ceiling


A clarion call has been sounded for companies and organizations to take deliberate steps in shattering the glass ceiling that impedes women’s ascent to leadership positions in the corporate world.

This urgent message echoed through the halls of the inaugural ‘The Leading Woman Forum’ held in Ghana’s capital.

At the event organized by Publicis West Africa in collaboration with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry France, Ghana, a panel of accomplished women from diverse backgrounds shared their experiences navigating challenges and offered insights on empowering the next generation of female leaders.

“We must adopt technology and STEM programs to reach and unearth emerging talents to promote women’s leadership in the corporate hierarchy,” urged Regina Honu, Founder of Soronko Academy.

Vivian Kai Lokko, Head of News at Citi FM/Citi TV, credited the confidence instilled in her by parents and mentors as the driving force behind her ability to effect change. “Throughout my personal and career journey, my parents and mentors had instilled a level of confidence in me to drive change across the platforms I have served.”

Echoing a similar sentiment, Stephany Boateng, an International Development Expert on Human Rights, urged women not to shy away from leadership opportunities. “Women must not shy away from leadership opportunities; in fact, they must put themselves forward and take advantage in order to pave the way for others to follow,” she stated.

Antoinette Kwofie, the Chief Financial Officer of MTN Ghana, lamented the persistent dearth of women at the helm of corporate affairs despite her nearly three decades of experience. “With almost 30 years working across various industries, we still lack women leaders at the helm of affairs and therefore must be deliberate in uplifting women to the leadership table.”

Delivering the keynote address, Koo Govender, the pioneering female CEO of Publicis Groupe Africa, shared her personal journey of overcoming grief and setbacks to achieve success. “During a period when I lost my husband on my corporate journey, my whole life was turned upside down. But I had to persevere despite this major setback to achieve my goals as a corporate leader,” she revealed.

Govender underscored the importance of cultivating a supportive environment where women can confidently pursue their aspirations. “Despite the challenges, it is crucial to cultivate a culture of learning, vulnerability, and mutual support where women can confidently pursue their career aspirations,” she emphasized.

As the panelists’ remarks resonated with the attendees, a consensus emerged: Intentional actions and sustained efforts are imperative to dismantle the barriers hindering women’s ascension to leadership positions within the corporate hierarchy.

The ‘Leading Woman Forum’ provided a platform to celebrate the achievements of women leaders while inspiring and empowering aspiring female professionals to embrace opportunities for growth and success in their careers.

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