#YLeaderBoardSeries 2024 – A conversation with the iconic Ben Brako


Bernard George Kobena Brako, the iconic Ghanaian Highlife artist known as Ben Brako, was the esteemed guest on the inaugural episode of the 2024 Y Leaderboard Series. The Y Leaderboard Series on Y107.9FM serves as a platform for young individuals to glean wisdom from accomplished figures across various fields, aiming to inspire and empower the youth to reach their full potential.

During an enlightening session on the Myd Morning Show with Rev. Erskine, Ben Brako shared captivating anecdotes from his life’s journey, offering insights into his path to success.

Reflecting on his musical career, Ben Brako discussed his evolution within the industry and the sources of his inspiration. He fondly recalled his early days as a budding musician, noting how effortlessly the lyrics of his popular songs came to fruition. “I composed many of my songs in Ghana, during my university days, before relocating to the UK. These songs eventually became some of my biggest hits,” he shared.

Acknowledging the dynamic nature of the music industry, Brako emphasised the importance of strategic partnerships for its growth. He expressed a belief that Ghanaians should unite to champion local music, viewing this responsibility as one that extends beyond industry professionals.

Ben Brako also touched on broader societal issues, lamenting the neglect of creative arts industry, the Ghanaian economy and its populace. He attributed the prevalence of illegal mining (galamsey) to the failure of leaders to value and preserve Ghanaian customs and culture. “When you visit rural areas, you see no government assistance; it is the traditional leaders who provide for their people. They understand the culture and know where to seek help,” he remarked.

Eddy Blay, Y107.9FM’s Programmes Manager, underscored the series’ objective of creating a nurturing and inclusive environment for young people to learn, grow and connect. He expressed confidence in the Y Leaderboard Series serving as a catalyst for positive change, with each episode featuring distinguished guests sharing their childhood, education and life experiences to inspire the future leaders of Ghana.

The Y Leaderboard Series airs every Wednesday on the Myd Morning Radio Show at 10:00am prompt, offering a platform for guests to impart invaluable wisdom that can shape the aspirations of Ghanaian youths.

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