SG inaugurates creche and sick-bay for employees                       


By Buertey Francis BORYOR

Société Générale Ghana has inaugurated an ultra-modern sick- bay and crèche to enhance its employees’ well-being. The colourful ceremony was held at the bank’s head office in Accra.

The initiative indicates the leading financial institution’s commitment to employee welfare, highlighting its dedication to fostering a supportive and family-friendly work environment.

During his address at the ground-breaking event, SG Ghana’s Managing Director (MD), Hakim Ouzzani, emphasised the pivotal role of the bank’s creche in supporting working parents.

Mr. Ouzzani stated: “The creche is not merely a convenience but an essential support system. It provides a nurturing and safe environment for our little ones, allowing parents to focus on their work with peace of mind.

“These projects are close to the heart of management because they represent a policy we all deeply believe in – investing in our greatest assets, our people. Through these facilities, we are not only enhancing the lives of our staff and their families but also ensuring a more engaged, productive and resilient workforce,” he added.

Echoing Ouzzani’s sentiments, the bank’s Board Chair, Margaret Boateng Sekyere, also emphasised the significance of the sick bay in promoting staff health and wellness.

“The SG Ghana sick-bay will provide staff with access to quality healthcare services fundamental to ensuring their overall well-being,” remarked Madam Sekyere. “We envision these facilities as pillars of support for our employees, empowering them to thrive both personally and professionally.”

The sick-bay will be staffed with qualified medical professionals, offering primary healthcare services and engaging in preventive care and wellness programmes – empowering staff to prioritise their health. Dedicated nannies and caretakers will operate it to provide quality care and early childhood education for children of bank staff.

The ceremony – attended by staff members, management and distinguished guests – featured addresses from several key speakers, including representatives from GLICO, Sparkle for Kids and MyHealthCop, among others.

Each speaker highlighted the collaborative effort and significant contributions of all parties involved in bringing the bank’s latest initiatives to fruition.

The event also featured a tour of the facilities and engaging activities, including a special presentation to the children present. The bank expressed gratitude for the unwavering support and commitment of its partners and stakeholders toward enhancing its employees’ well-being.

Société Générale Ghana is one of the leading banks in Ghana, with 42-networked branches and outlets across the country; providing retail and corporate clients with dedicated innovative products and services aimed at satisfying and anticipating customers’ needs. It is a top-tier European Bank with 117,000 employees serving 25 million clients in more than 60 countries worldwide.

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