Bawumia kicks off presidential bid, pushes for 100% Ghanaian ownership in mining


By Kizito CUDJOE

The Vice President, Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia, has launched his bid for the presidency ahead of the upcoming December 7 elections, vowing to implement initiatives aimed at granting Ghanaians full ownership of mining enterprises within the country.

Speaking at a rally in the Eastern region, the presidential hopeful pledged to empower Ghanaians with full ownership of mining enterprises, aiming to rectify historical disparities in benefit distribution.

He reckoned that since the inception of mineral exploration in the country dating as far back the 15th century, the indigenous people have not maximized the benefits of the natural resource.

However, he promised to turn things around by refocusing the paradigm for natural resource management, if he is given the mandate to lead the country from December 2024, as the next president.

A key tenet of Dr. Bawumia’s campaign message relating to the mineral sector during the rally, is the principle of 100 percent Ghanaian ownership in mining ventures. He vowed to ensure that commercial discoveries within the country translate into tangible benefits for its citizens, marking a departure from past practices of external exploitation.

“I am going to bring a bigger focus on ownership of our natural resource. It is as if right now, we don’t own the natural resource,” he noted.

He argued that by empowering the critical mining stakeholders like the Ghana Geological Survey Authority and mining universities in the country to carry out exploration activities. With commercial finds made, he added that the new policy will be that Ghanaians will should be 100 percent owners.

The rally in the Eastern region marks the first nationwide tour from Monday, 29 April 2024. Dr Bawumia and his campaign team are promising an issue-based campaign, one that will focus on cogent, practical, and tailor-made ideas to deal with issues that are most dear to the Ghanaian people.

Beginning in the Eastern Region, Dr. Bawumia and his campaign team scheduled to visit all 16 regions over the next month in this first round of campaigning.

On his rounds, he will meet with a wide range of stakeholders, including traditional leaders, the clergy, the youth, traders, drivers, farmers, students and visit businesses, including marketplaces to interact with both traders and consumers.

The candidate will engage the media, hold townhall meetings and continue with his regular stakeholder engagements with the Ghanaian people.

The maiden national campaign tour, which runs till the first week of June, will have Dr. Bawumia showcasing his innovative ideas for Ghanaians, under the theme “BOLD SOLUTIONS FOR OUR FUTURE” to the nation.

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