Poetry Corner: Waist Mismanagement 


Have you heard the news?

Damsels on the run

Because he came to town

He came to town just to have fun

And to run after having fun

Oh yes he came to town

To have fun and run


There was a damsel who did not run

And she was filled with a belly full of his fun

A damsel…and a damsel…and a damsel

That was how his fun filled the whole town

With plenty of tiny belly fulls


Have you heard the news?

There came a promise for better or for worse

There was one who responded with full trust

Then there were hordes of them who responded rashly

As they rushed to trust and obey


She knew there was another

But she was not envious of her

For the playboy had open arms full of Eros

He was ready to explore all there were

For better or for worse



There was a gross loss of trust

There was a gross deposit of foetuses at source

There was gross pain and mistrust

A gross moment of regret


Have you heard the news?

The man preferred among men was in great demand

And no mistress would miss him

Else she wails

The man chosen among men knew this too well

So he blessed many mistresses with his largesse of labour

As they praised this man for his sweet valour


More and more he explored

Like a conquering sailor

Every willing mistress he would gore

For soon he would be gone


He only delighted to jilt at will

With no sense of guilt

And to look for more mistresses who will

Mistresses uploaded with a virus of bastards

All who knew not who had planted a seedling


Have you heard the news?

Her eyes fired with her hot desire

Not promising any to take to paradise

Only to take many where her desire took her


In her flaws she floored her victims on the floor

As she listened to her lust and pulled down to devour

They who came at her beck and call


She delivered faithful service

To the gratification of all

All she roasted not on a bed of roses

All she hosted to a bed full of saucy smothering

Till she flew away in unfaithful ecstasy


Have you heard the news?

She was fed three times at the nuptial table

At the count of two

But she went knocking on doors

Seeking extra marital comfort

Singing a song of erotic discomfort

And begging for anyone available…and willing


Oh! She came back confessing and professing

“Oh how I love Romeo

Oh Romeo, give me your all

For I need your all”

But she went back knocking on doors…the same doors

To kill her conjugal discomfort

And it was only she who knew who fathered her fingerlings.


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