Decora Style with Rama: What is interior design and why is it important?


First, ask yourself if you have ever felt productive in an office space or super relaxed in a living area, or perhaps enjoyed the ambiance of a vibrant café or felt cozy in a hotel. Those feelings are the result of a great interior design. Other elements also contribute to great ambiance, flooring, paint choice, lighting, electronics, carpets, curtains, wallpaper, porcelain pieces, furniture, etc.

Interior design is the creation of an interior environment responding to human needs. Interior design firms balance a space’s function and its aesthetics. Arguably, we spend 90 percent of our time indoors. This makes interior design important. An interior space well done can make or break your experience in the space.

When we come home, we want the space to feel heavenly, warm and comfortable. We want the comfort that only comes from being surrounded by familiar things. This is why your interior design style at home can tell a story about who you are, where you have been, and where you are heading.

It is not just about what furniture goes where; it is also about how you coordinate it all together. Knowing how to tell your story through your design style can help you create an environment that reflects who you are or aspire to be.

Interior design is far more than just making a space pretty or creating a piece of art; it is rather a blend of the two. If you make the most of what you have, you can tell a good story to your guests and colleagues. The key to doing this well is focusing on three things: good storytelling, good design elements and, often enough, organisation. Some people prefer to design their own homes while others prefer working with a designer to deliver the magic of their vision.

On the personal side, I was on a business travel for a conference in Tema and stayed in one of the best hotels. I loved the aesthetic of the room and the functionality of every décor piece in the room. It was super comfortable and I enjoyed my stay. On my checkout day, I took pictures of every piece and placement in the room.

Yes! Your guess is as good as mine, I replicated the look and feel in my bedroom in a budget-friendly way within a year. And yes, I made some changes to reflect my personality.

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