Motoring with Bob Roco ROMEO: Kofa and Max partner for TailG Jidi motorcycle financing


Kofa, a leading innovator in energy networks based in Ghana, and Max, a pioneer in electric vehicle solutions in Africa, have announced a groundbreaking partnership. This collaboration will see Max offering financing options for the revolutionary TAILG Jidi electric motorcycles, co -developed by Kofa and TAILG – a leading electric vehicle manufacturer.

Kofa: redefining access to energy in Africa

Kofa is transforming how Ghanaians access energy, leading the shift from traditional fossil

fuels to more sustainable and cost-effective sources. Their advanced battery network

powers vehicles and provides a cheaper, cleaner alternative to the petrol generators widely

used by small businesses. Equipped with Kofa’s proprietary IoT technology, the network is

built to intelligently adapt to energy demands and is resilient under challenging conditions.

Based in Accra, Kofa is committed to enhancing daily life with reliable, affordable energy

solutions for workplaces and transport.

Max: Leading the charge in electric mobility

Max is revolutionising the transportation landscape in Africa with its high-performance

electric vehicles (EVs). Max is committed to eco-friendly mobility, fuelled by clean energy.

Their mission is to provide a seamless transportation experience for Africans, underpinned

by innovation, technology, and eco-friendly infrastructure. Max offers a vehicle subscription

service that makes it possible and easy for transporters to access these vehicles while

providing employment opportunities. This service comes with vehicle licensing and servicing, as well as health insurance.

TailG Jidi bikes: A symbol of sustainable mobility

Developed and assembled in Accra, the TailG Jidi motorcycle, a collaboration between

TAILG and Kofa, represents the future of eco-friendly transportation. These motorcycles are

specifically designed to meet the growing demand for sustainable and efficient transportation solutions in African cities. The Jidi, with its rugged steel frame, can carry over 200 kgs and is engineered to travel up to 100 km on just two fully charged batteries. Notably, owners of the Jidi can save up to 30% on fuel and maintenance costs compared to conventional motorcycles, making it an economical choice for both individuals and businesses. With strategically located battery swap stations throughout Accra, the Jidi offers a virtually unlimited battery range as the Kofa swap station network expands.

Partnership impact: Accessible and sustainable transportation

This partnership marks a significant milestone in making green transportation more

accessible in Ghana. Max’s financing options for the Jidi motorcycles will enable more

individuals and businesses to adopt eco-friendly transportation, aligning with all companies’

vision of a sustainable future.

A green future ahead

This collaboration between Kofa and Max is a step towards a greener, more sustainable

Ghana. This partnership is poised to accelerate the transition to green energy and

sustainable transportation in Ghana.

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