YEA showcases initiatives to address unemployment in Sub-Saharan Africa


The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Youth Employment Agency (YEA), Kofi Agyapong, has reaffirmed the YEA’s commitment to supporting youth empowerment, while speaking at the Impact Hub in New York, USA.

In his address to a global audience, the YEA boss highlighted the agency’s proactive approach to addressing youth unemployment in sub-Saharan Africa, citing several robust initiatives aimed at creating sustainable employment opportunities for the region’s young population.

Against the backdrop of persistent challenges, Mr. Agyapong stressed the importance of strategic interventions and partnerships in tackling the complex issue of youth unemployment.

“I proudly showcased YEA’s innovative approach, spearheading initiatives like Community Protection Assistants, Community Health Workers, and Prison Office Assistants. Collaborations with esteemed partners such as Afarinick, Inzag, insurance companies, and now Guinness Ghana Limited have bolstered our efforts towards sustainable youth employment,” Mr. Agyapong said.

Among the key initiatives outlined by Mr. Agyapong was the Business & Employment Assistance Programme (BEAP), designed to provide vital salary support to over 10,000 businesses.

Additionally, he also mentioned YEA’s support for the garment industry, spanning over 500 micro, medium, and small-scale apparel enterprises, has garnered attention for its potential to drive economic growth and job creation.

In emphasizing YEA’s commitment to skills development, Agyapong emphazised the agency’s comprehensive training programs, which have equipped approximately 10,000 youth with essential skills across various trade areas.

Despite the formidable challenges ahead, Agyapong reiterated YEA’s unwavering dedication to reshaping Ghana’s employment landscape.

With a focus on determination and resilience, he affirmed his commitment to leading the charge in eradicating youth unemployment, underlining the agency’s role in fostering sustainable economic growth and prosperity.


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