BBAG: Revolutionising tech landscape with Blockchain

The founder Mr Eric Annan third from left with other founding members

To position Ghana as a leading force in blockchain utilisation, development and talent cultivation to address pressing societal needs, Eric Annan – alongside a dedicated founding team – embarked on a transformative journey to establish the Blockchain Builders Association of Ghana (BBAG).

In just under seven months, BBAG has achieved remarkable milestones, showcasing its unwavering commitment to driving innovation and empowerment in Ghana.

Through intensive boot camps, BBAG has equipped over 100 young minds with essential blockchain skills, laying the groundwork for a new generation of tech-savvy innovators poised to shape Ghana’s digital landscape.

It has also successfully hosted three impactful events in collaboration with global giants like the Ethereum Foundation, Base Decentralized Developer Meetup, and Stellar Foundation Ecosystem Meetup. These partnerships have not only elevated Ghana’s profile on the global stage, but also fostered invaluable knowledge exchange and collaboration opportunities.

BBAG’s outreach efforts has extended to prestigious institutions such as Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) and Garden City University College.

Here, students have had the unique opportunity to engage with global infrastructure leaders, igniting their passion for blockchain technology and paving the way for future innovation.

Aligned with sister associations across Africa, the United States, India and beyond, BBAG is committed to spearheading policy dialogue among stakeholders to create an enabling environment for blockchain innovation. By fostering collaboration and warding off malicious actors, BBAG aims to drive radical change that will benefit the Ghanaian economy and society as a whole.

In the face of widespread misinformation about blockchain’s potential beyond cryptocurrency, BBAG remains steadfast in its belief in the transformative power of decentralised technologies. They advocate for innovations such as Decentralized Identities (DIDs), Real-World Asset Tokenization (RWSTs), and Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Network (DePIN) as key drivers of global financial inclusion and prosperity.

As Ghana prepares for general elections, BBAG calls upon political leaders to embrace blockchain technology as a catalyst for positive change. They highlight the countless ways in which blockchain has empowered Ghanaian youths to serve as leaders, creators and innovators, enriching society in ways that are immeasurable.

While political discourse around blockchain technology may still be in its infancy within Ghanaian media, BBAG emphasises the importance of education and awareness in shaping public perception. They urge the media to play a pivotal role in fostering informed discussions and promoting the potential of blockchain technology to propel Ghana forward as a global leader in innovation.

Led by a diverse and experienced founding team, BBAG extends a warm invitation to all visionary individuals to join them on their journey. Together, they seek to build a collaborative network of innovators, educators, policy-makers and creators united in their mission to drive positive change and progress in Ghana’s blockchain ecosystem.

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