Creativita Fashion sets sights on international stage after Black Diamonds collaboration

Creative Director of Creativita Fashion, Ernest Agyemang-Duah

By Kizito CUDJOE

Creativita Fashion, a leading fashion brand and training centre based in Kumasi, Ghana, has announced its plans to conquer the international fashion scene following a successful collaboration with Black Diamonds in the United States of Ameerica (USA).

Led by the versatile Creative Director, Ernest Agyemang-Duah, Creativita Fashion has been making waves since its inception in 2015 not just as a fashion brand, but also as a premier fashion school nurturing the next generation of African fashion designers. The recent collaboration with Black Diamonds, USA, which took place on Saturday, February 24, was nothing short of spectacular.

The event, held to mark Black History Month, featured a mesmerising runway showcasing the fusion of African culture and heritage through fabulously crafted outfits. Thirty-three stunning models strutted down the runway adorned in Creativita’s exquisite designs, each piece carefully curated to reflect the richness and diversity of African fashion.

But this collaboration was more than just a fashion show, it was a bold statement aimed at promoting African fashion on the global stage while celebrating the continent’s unique cultural heritage.

Mr. Agyemang-Duah emphasised the importance of such partnerships in not only showcasing African talent but also bolstering the economy of Ghana. “We are thrilled to have collaborated with Black Diamonds, USA, on this momentous occasion,” Mr. Agyemang-Duah told B&FT in an exclusive interview. “Our mission at Creativita Fashion,” he said, “is to create a sustainable, accessible and modern African clothing brand; and this partnership is a significant step toward realising that vision.”

The success of the collaboration has paved the way for future events, with Creativita Fashion and Black Diamonds, USA, planning to make the collaboration an annual affair. And now, the excitement is reaching fever pitch as Creativita Fashion gears up for its 2nd Annual Black Diamonds Fashion Show, set to take place next year, February 24, via Facebook LIVE and Instagram LIVE.

Fashion enthusiasts and culture aficionados alike are urged not to miss this exclusive event, which promises to be a celebration of African culture like never before. Exclusive previews and commercials will be aired from 4:30 pm, building anticipation for what is sure to be an unforgettable showcase of Ghana’s very own Creativita Fashion.

The Black Diamonds Fashion Show, hosted in collaboration with the Judah Soccer Association, aims to shine a spotlight on African culture in the United States, further cementing Creativita Fashion’s commitment to promoting African fashion on the global stage. So, mark your calendars and prepare to be dazzled as Creativita Fashion takes centre-stage, bringing the vibrant spirit of African fashion to audiences around the world.

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