81 students graduate from Queenscraft Vocational Institute


By Juliet Aguiar DUGBARTEY, Anaji

Eighty-one students from Queenscraft Vocational Institute in Takoradi have successfully graduated in various disciplines and received National Vocational Training Institute (NVTI) certificates. These disciplines include Hospitality and Catering Management, Event Planning and Decoration, Pastry and Cooking, as well as Modern Cakes and Decoration.

Additionally, they have undergone training in core subjects such as mathematics, english, and integrated science to enhance their prospects for further education at the tertiary level.

Established 23 years ago, Queenscraft Vocational Institute has played a pivotal role in training 2,182 students, equipping them with diverse skills for self-employment. Mrs. Grace Anthony, the Proprietress of the institute, emphasized the crucial role of vocational education in addressing the country’s unemployment challenges during the graduation ceremony.

“It seems as a country, we have looked down on vocational education, thinking that the main stream educational system is what will create success. This idea has compounded our unemployment problem” she said.

She encouraged all never to look down upon vocational education. “If your child wants to pursue this form of education as an option, never refuse with the aim of thinking that vocational education is for school dropout.

“We are therefore excited that the government is now striving to improve the Technical and Vocational Education Training (TVET). If this is done, it will be a game changer for the country, because vocational training creates employable skills and a wide variety of job opportunities” she added.

Mrs. Anthony elaborated that Queenscraft offers programmes tailored to provide students with employable skills. The institute caters to individuals of all ages, offering both full-time and part-time training options. Also, Queenscraft provides specialised programmes for WASSCE and BECE graduates, allowing them to undergo training while awaiting their examination results.

Madam Ivy Yeboah, Western Regional Coordinator of National Vocational Training Institute (NVTI) said: “People without skills today have no prospects on the job market and therefore will find it extremely difficult to make a decent living and also be empowered enough to contribute to national development”.

“This, calls for the placement of vocational training on the priority list as a country if we hope to be socio-economically independent. We at NVTI believe that vocational training is very important for every Ghanaian youth given the contribution skilled workers can make to the socio-economic and technological development of a country,” she said.

She urged parents and guardians to recognise skill training as a superior alternative to traditional academic education, adding that it equips young people with practical skills essential for life.

“You are to apply your newly acquired skills with all diligence and faithfulness as these virtues are very important in cultivating and retaining customers; day-in and day -out, new things are being introduced into the job market and as such, you should always strive hard to keep abreast of modern trends in order to remain in business.  Remember that, it is important to have multiple careers to enable you stay afloat when the fortunes of one career is down. So, you need to continue learning and adapting to the dictates of the job market,” she advised.

“We entreat the youth to take advantage of government’s policy on entrepreneurship which was mentioned in the 2022 budget statement. These interventions are opportunities for the youth to take bold decisions toward mastering their financial freedom” she concluded.

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