Speaker of Parliament advocates traditional authority involvement for national development


By Rashidatu IBRAHIM

Alban Sumana Kingsford Bagbin, the Speaker of Parliament and the Tengmaale Naa of Takpo Traditional Area, has underscored the importance of traditional authorities in the country’s development. He urged their increased participation in shaping political discourse to drive development forward.

“Talk to us – the chiefs –  to shape the political discourse from deceit to development. The traditional authorities remain the leading institution in this country with unblemished character, and I will expect to see you play a very crucial role in the body politics and as the custodians of this rich country, Ghana,” he said.

According to the Speaker, the country is regressing faster than it is progressing, a situation he deemed worrying.

He asserted that individuals in positions of authority are indifferent to the challenges faced by the less privileged, leading many young people to rely on excuses in their endeavours

“Our lands are being destroyed by foreigners introduced by citizens, we cannot feed our children in school, and yet, every morning, we are on all radio and TV stations, defending things and explaining why only corn is fed our children for a whole week.

“There is no sincerity, no honesty and no respect for elders these days. And all these could be attributed to the decay of our culture, tradition and values,” the Speaker lamented.

Quoting Socrates to buttress his point, he stated, “an unexamined life is not worth living,” highlighting the necessity of deep introspection regarding what is beneficial for the country in the near future.

He further reminded of the country’s culture, which identifies the people and anchors them for development, adding that, “we as Ghanaians should be mindful of what we accept in our culture in the name of globalisation and human rights”.

Touching on the festival’s theme, “nuoriyeni, maarong aneng maaluu,” he indicated that it was very apt and inspiring. He noted that festivals serve as effective catalysts for unity, peace and development.

He called on all sons and daughters of the Takpo Traditional Area to engage in issues of concern and take an active interest in community development.

“Festivals are effective tools of sustainable development and peace building. The celebration of festivals gives meaning to life and communal living. I dare say, any community without a festival is a dead society,” he added.

He also applaud Takpo Naa, queen mothers, elders and Takpoolo for the establishment and continuous celebration of the Wilaa Festival for the past 26 years.

Last year, the chiefs, elders, and citizens of Takpo bestowed an honor upon the Speaker by appointing him as the Tengmaale Naa, development chief of the Takpo Traditional Area.

He has pledged to do everything within his means to support the development and well-being of the people in the area.

Takpo possesses abundant gold resources, and Azumah Resources has been granted a license for its exploitation. Despite this, little progress has been made in utilising these resources.

He urged the government, through the Minerals Commission, to grant them a community mining licence. This, he added, would enable the youth to engage in legal and responsible mining activities within the community.

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