Cassona Global Imaging donates Ramadan package to national mosque


Cassona Global Imaging Company Ltd., an export trading company (ETC) that specialises in health products in the diagnostic imaging field, has donated to the National Mosque in support of the Ramadan festivities.

Similarly, the medical imaging equipment specialist entity also assisted with the National Mosque Clinic for Women and Children project.

The donated items include t-shirts, clothing, assorted beverages and an undisclosed amount of money to support the clinic.

Engineer Cassona Global Imaging, Lial Smith Jr. who spoke on behalf of Cassona, indicated that encouraging the Muslim community who form a critical stakeholder core of the business ecosystem in a period like Ramadan is an important gesture that cannot be overemphasised.

“We wish them the best this Ramadan period and encourage everyone to remain healthy. Cassona remains committed to providing healthcare solutions and we are dedicated to making sub-Saharan Africa starting from Ghana self-sufficient when it comes to diagnostic imaging equipment,” he said.

The Cassona team was received by the National Mosque Deputy Administrator, Alhaji Jabir Kango, and a team of leaders.

Alhaji Jabir said: “We are grateful for the kind gesture by Cassona Global Imaging. As we all know, Ramadan is a month of giving, it’s a month of generosity, it’s the month that we give alms of sadaga to Ummah. So, if Cassona has decided to reach out to our people then we are Grateful.”

He further prayed for the company asking Almighty Allah to Bless their establishment and increase whatever they do. He added that some of the donated items would be given to communities closer to the mosque that benefit directly or indirectly from it.

“Also besides receiving this item, we will make sure we have a very good collaboration with Cassona. We are dedicated to the continuous success of the National Mosque Clinic so we will meet with Cassona at the right time to ensure we partner towards the development of our institution and community,” he added.

Cassona Global in their second visit to the National Mosque based on the discussion in the previous visit also donated to support the clinic.

Dr. Yunus Mohammed Osman, Vice Chairman of the Management Board of the National Mosque of Ghana, who received them said: “We believe we will all keep partnering and working together so that the clinic project will succeed and benefit the communities and Ghanaians at large,” he said.

Sales Lead for Cassona in Accra, Gladys Tetteh, explained that during the first visit, the team was informed about the ongoing project which is the clinic for women and children.

“We are operators in the health industry and as part of our corporate social responsibility, we decided to support you as we all look forward to the clinic dream becoming a reality,” she said.

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