Celebrating leaders and reshaping local economy to woo investors


Some industry players , companies and leaders have been honored at the inaugural Corporate Leadership Excellence Awards held in Accra for their exceptional performance in the corporate world over the years.

In total more than More than fifteen outstanding individuals and organisations that have contributed immensely towards the growth and development of the country beyond the shores of Ghana were received citations and plaques on the night.

The Corporate Leadership Excellence Awards recognize individuals and companies that create a friendly atmosphere to welcome investors and/or play a significant role in the development of various sectors in Ghana and West Africa at large.

The Awards recognizes the industry’s merits and set a benchmark for excellence, whilst rewarding innovative ideas that have pushed the boundaries of what is possible.

The awards also aimed at bring together business players and recognise local and international companies meeting business standards involved in various sectors and encourage various organisations to strive to meet local and international standards in their delivery of service.

The awards organized by Imperial Communications under the theme of “Recognizing Visionary Leadership in Corporate Excellence,” is focusing on strategic capacity gathering that would equip companies and individuals to manage turnarounds with the potential to help rebuild Ghana’s economy, creat jobs and attract more investors.

The Corporate Leadership Excellence Awards (CoLEA) awards remain a beacon of excellence in Ghana’s corporate leadership, inspiring leaders to strive for greatness.

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