Vivo Energy sets new industry standards with launch of Shell Helix Ultra 0W-20 SP  


Vivo Energy Ghana, the exclusive marketer and distributor of Shell branded products and services, has launched its latest top-tier engine oil – the Shell Helix Ultra 0W-20 SP lubricant – on the Ghanaian market. This cutting-edge product is a game-changer in engine protection, performance and efficiency, reaffirming the company’s commitment to excellence in automotive lubrication.

The Shell Helix Ultra 0W-20 SP, available at all Shell service stations, offers unrivalled protection and performance for modern engines due to its advanced formulation and synthetic base oils. Its low viscosity ensures smooth engine operation, reduces friction and enhances fuel efficiency while its superior wear protection prolongs engine life. The innovative additives also give it carbon-neutral properties, minimising emissions and contributing to a cleaner environment.

Speaking at the launch, the Lubricants Sales and Marketing Manager, Kwame Mireku Asante, highlighted the tireless efforts and dedication by Vivo Energy in developing innovative solutions to meet the evolving needs of consumers and the automotive industry. “With the launch of Shell Helix Ultra 0W-20 SP, we are setting new standards in automotive lubrication technology. This unconventional product is designed to deliver unparalleled engine performance and efficiency, providing motorists with a driving experience like never before,” he said.

With the vision to become the leading and most respected energy business in Ghana, Vivo Energy remains committed to pushing the boundaries of innovation and delivering excellence in automotive lubrication. With the launch of Shell Helix Ultra 0W-20 SP, we ensure that we continue to empower drivers to enjoy unparalleled performance, reliability, efficiency and sustainability on the road.

The Chief Director of the Ministry of Transport, Mrs. Mabel Sagoe, who was the Special Guest, commended Vivo Energy Ghana for its commitment to technological advancement and environmental responsibility.

“As the world moves toward reducing carbon emissions and combating climate change, we see lubricants and other petroleum products playing a crucial role in achieving these carbon-neutral objectives. Good lubricants can contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by enhancing fuel efficiency, as mentioned earlier. By minimising internal friction and optimising engine performance, they help vehicles burn fuel more efficiently, resulting in lower carbon dioxide emissions. Using environmentally friendly lubricants has become essential,” she said.

Mrs. Sagoe charged the Vivo Energy Ghana team to educate the motoring populace and the nation at large on how the new Shell Helix 0W-20 supports the nation’s drive toward carbon neutrality and protects the environment.

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