MINDSET: Problems


You might have heard this very phrase that says, “In life everyone has a problem  in one way or the other”

I don’t think it is quite so. The phrase should rather be “In life everyone will be confronted with a problem in one way or the other”.

As for the problem it will definitely show up one day but it is not perpetual or permanent and therefore we shouldn’t accept “everyone has a problem” because this connotes a part and parcel of an individual but problems are not ingrained or a part of anyone.

It is absolutely an outsider. It shows up to pull out of you what you are really made off.

It exposes the real you!

You see, life is such that, if you have nothing worthwhile doing, it will look as if life is very comfortable for you and you begin to say things like “when you see the rich, don’t wish to be like them, their problems are numerous” “it is better to have little than to have plenty and have a lot of problems”.

Well the truth is you don’t need to be like anybody to have problems. The fact that one talks like this, is even in itself a problem because you are unconsciously comparing yourself with another.

Problems are like examinations conducted in the classroom.

It just observes you from afar, when it realizes that you are committing yourself to a course, it shows up to test your resolve and full preparedness for it. Sometimes, certain questions are not so anticipated in examinations.

Now the amazing truth is that every problem is solvable.

Problem is a situation regarded as unwelcome or harmful and needing to be dealt with and overcome.

So, you see, it is something that needs to be dealt with and overcome. You are expected to overcome it or come out tops.

What problem means when it appears

It simply means you are doing something worthwhile and therefore the very nature of life doesn’t want you to manifest it.

For example if you should decide right now that you are going to quit your job and pursue what you believe is worthwhile, everybody will raise an eye brow especially when you are soaring and nothing seems to be an issue. Everybody will perhaps tell you to think carefully and reconsider but if you should say I am going to be here for a long while; everyone will laugh with you and nod in agreement.

All that problems seem to say is, this is not in your area, so don’t venture, you can’t do this, this had been reserved for others and not you.

What to do when problems shows up

In times of problems, just be aware that the very people you count on won’t be there for you in the way you expect them to and have known them.

So just keep reminding them of how they have always treated you in good times. When you do this, you are dealing with it.

In times of problems, it is unwelcome, harmful so you will spew out those sentiments of “you of all people” especially when they don’t seem to understand what you are going through but just know that you are growing and learning how to deal with others, which will come in handy in the next phase of your life. Don’t hold it against them; it is for your own good.

Lastly, in times of problems, don’t accept NO or rejection as an answer, don’t give in, always keep going at what you have decided is worthwhile.

Finally, when you are faced with  problems, always know that it is a temporal phase and you will come out better and happier than you have ever been.

All that problems seem to say, should never define you, you rather define it by saying this is worthwhile for me, and I belong here.

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