Ghana urges ICC to set up arbitration hearing centre in Africa


The Chair of the International Chamber of Commerce Maria Fernandez Garza paid a courtesy call on the Chief Justice, Justice Gertrude Torkornoo as part of her official visit to Ghana.

The Chair of the world business organization said during the call that ICC Arbitration the flagship of ICC Dispute Resolution Services, carries the hallmark of the ICC International Court of Arbitration; a world leader in resolving International Commercial disputes. Since its creation in 1923, the Court has administered more than 22,000 cases from around the world.

The Court which prefers to be seen as an Alternative Dispute Resolution institution instead of a court; confirms, appoints and replaces arbitrators and decides on challenges made against them. It monitors the arbitral process to ensure it is performed quickly, efficiently, and correctly. The institution also scrutinizes and approves draft arbitral awards, primarily to ensure their quality and enforceability.

The Court’s secretariat is the main link between parties, arbitrators and the Court and manages more than 1,500 cases at any given time through nine teams based in Paris, Hong Kong and New York.

The Chief Justice in her welcome remarks congratulated the Chair of ICC for breaking the glass ceiling as the first Lady Chair of the International Chamber of Commerce and acknowledged ICC’s drive for gender parity. She called for more collaboration between ICC International Court of Arbitration and the Judiciary in Ghana especially in building the capacity of Judges at the Commercial Courts in the areas of Mediation and Arbitration. She also added her voice to the call for an ICC Hearing Centre in Africa, preferably Ghana.

They both discussed prospects for more collaboration, the Chair of ICC used the visit to invite her Ladyship the Chief Justice as Special Guest Speaker at the 8th ICC Africa Conference on International Arbitration in Nairobi, Kenya which is scheduled for 29-31 May 2024.

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